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Laser Hair Reduction

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Dr. Jyoti Sharma 85% (34 ratings)
MD - Dermatology, MBBS
Dermatologist, Mumbai  •  17 years experience
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Hello friends, I am Dr Jyoti Sharama, I am Dermatologist and cosmetologist, I am practising in Vardaan Skin Clinic in Rohini and Pitampura. Today we will discuss laser hair reduction, as you know the laser hair reduction is the common cosmetic procedure which we carry out in all Dermatological practices. It is a safe and effect of reducing hair in any patient with unwanted hair growth. It works on the principle that a laser light which is a very focus beam of light is about by the Milano Soams of your skin which are present in the hair follicles which when absorb can damage and this causes a reduction in your hair. Before undertaking any patient, we do a careful examination of the patient and get a certain test done. So as to rule out any kind of hormonal anomat case which is causing hair growth? On the day of the procedure, the hair over the area is trim so as to avoid any kind of surrounding heat damage then the area is cooled so as to avoid again surrounding heat damage. The laser physician uses laser protective glasses during the procedure and also the patient is also given some eye protective sheets so that laser light doesn’t enter the patient eye. After the procedure again the area is cooled so as to reduce any kind of discomfort to the patient. There are visibly no side effects to any patient except for mild redness which lasts for hardly 15 minutes. It takes around 4 to 6 sessions monthly apart to get the desired results in the patient. Vardaan Clinic now is equipped with the latest laser technology by Elma lasers which work of the SHR principals which offer a virtual painless and fast method of laser hair reduction for both coarse and soft hair. For further details, you can contact our website that is or Lybrate.

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