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Dr. Sumit Dhawan 85% (577 ratings)
BHMS, MD - Homeopathy
Homeopath, Delhi  •  13 years experience
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Hello friends I'm doctor Sumit dhawan. I practice homeopathy .I'm very proud that homeopathy is a science with us which has been able to cure many problems which cannot be cured with other modes of systems so easily and so effectively .today we are going to talk about the problems which is a very critical problem and many people are suffering from this problem. This problem is piles it is also known as hemorrhoids. It may be Of two types sometimes it is bleeding sometimes non-bleeding sometimes painful or the other parts which are influence by this are fissures and fistula so we are going to talk about how we can help you to get rid of all these problems piles, fissures and fistula. This problem is actually very critical and this is also very painful sometimes to some people and it can be very troubling to the patients because patient is always feeling discomfort with this . this problem comes because the most important the main reason is constipation .sometime it can be no constipation still this problem is occurring .this can be due to engorgement of the rectal veins .piles basically occur because of the engorgement or increase or the swelling of the rectal veins that's why it causes constipation further constipation also occurs .so we will be talking about the tips and tricks how to handle your piles and fissures and how to get rid of them also You should first of all take healthy fibrous diet to avoid piles and fissures ,you should do good excise you should walk 4p minutes in a day specially if you are having a heavy food at night you should go for a walk 15-20 minute after the dinner ,you can go for a small walk which can will help you for easy digestion and help you to avoid piles .You should take supplement like horse chestnut which are used worldwide and horse chestnut is also used in homeopathy which is also known as sculls which is very good. Medicine for piles and you can use this also this supplement is available all over worldwide as horse chestnut which helps in reducing size of the veins and easing your constipation also. In homeopathic other modes of treatment I would rather not say doctor generally advise for the operation they generally cut the engorged part of the vein and they say that you problem is corrected but generally you will see that the problem recovers back But what will you do in that case? You cannot go for the operation again and again. In this case homeopathy will help you a lot even after if you have got it operation and still this problem is coming you can go homeopathy or even before operation you can try homeopathy because in the earlier stage if it is taken cure it can definitely get cured .we have been treating at doctor Dhawan medical center And we get so many patients of piles and fissures and they get relief in a few days in a day or two days they get relief

To windup this topic today I would like to tell you that one basic exercise in yoga which will help you a lot which is known as Ashwini Mudra which is very helpful and along with homeopathic medicine you can definitely get rid of these problems. If you are suffering from any problem like this, you have any queries just let me know ,just let us know by the mode of Lybrate which is very good online platform ,you can call me you can come to my clinic directly and you can consult me I will be always available there to guide you If you have any queries about piles, fissures and fistula. Okay have a nice day take care

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