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MBBS, MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Faridabad  •  21years experience
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I am Dr. Minakshi Manchanda. I am senior consultant Psychiatrist in Asian Hospital, Faridabad. I did my schooling from Delhi, then I did my MBBS from Thrissur Medical College, Kerala and MD from PGIMS, Rohtak. After that I have worked in AIIMS and Lady Hardinge Medical College for some time and after that I joined this Asian Hospital. As a Psychiatrist, I mainly want people to get aware about all the Psychiatric problems because in our country, people generally don’t know about Psychiatric problems. As Psychiatric problems are increasing day-by-day, their awareness is not increasing in that proportion. So here I see people suffering from depression, bipolar disorder, stress-related problems, anxiety disorders and de-addiction problems. Depressive disorder is prevalent in our country. Every week one child commits suicide in our country, who is suffering from depression.

And we all are not aware of the symptoms of depression, that’s why we can’t recognize the child suffering from depression and we are not able to get help for them. So, what is depression and what are its symptoms? Generally, people who are suffering from depression they complain about low mood, lack of interest in any activity, then crying spells are there. They generally feel like committing suicide or negative ideas are there. They feel that it is not worth to live. Repeatedly, these ideas come into their mind and because of that they take this path of suicide for themselves. But nowadays, we have so many treatments available for depression, so many medicines are there which are generally non-addictive. Because we all think that these medicines which treat Psychiatric disorders, they are addictive, but generally, it is not like that. These medicines, they correct the imbalance in the brain which is due to chemical imbalance and so we are giving these medicines, we are correcting the deficiency which is there. And then, other than these medicines, we have behavioral therapy, psychotherapy also which treat depression. So, don’t suffer from depression. Be aware of these symptoms and come to the specialist to take help.


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