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Know More About Hair Loss

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Hello friends, I am Dr. Rashid Akhtar, teaching Organon of medicine since last 14 years. Today our topic is hair loss. Hair loss is nowadays very important for our cosmetic value.  To prevent it , we have to take care off many things. Hair loss is mostly having two different practical clinical value.

  • Alopecia type
  • Hair loss.

Alopecia is a fungal infective disease in which loss of hairs from head and other body parts appears in patches, where a certain area is almost having complete loss of hair. Whereas simple hair loss is gradually a regular loss of hair from our scalp and these depends on many other conditions. We have to watch whether our hair quality is rough dry excessively thin or split ends.

Causes of hair loss-

Nowadays,the most important causes is the environmental cause that is the quality of water, the quality of air and pollution. These can be prevented by improving our lifestyle. Certain conditions of hair loss is due to our certain systemic diseases like disease of skin, seborrhoeic condition, Excessive oily skin. These all produces hair loss. Other condition is genetic hair loss and hormone related hair loss. Male pattern hair loss is age related hair loss which requires very least medical attentions. Certain hair loss which appears on different parts like a scalp and other area in very excessive and gross hair loss. These hairs loss should be taken care of with improvement in our diet, taking of excess and certain amount of vitamin E, lots of water and exercise. Besides this it requires a systemic treatment to improve the quality of your skin and root of the hair. Treatment of improvement of root of the hair is the most important factor and permanent solution for improving your hair quality as well as hair loss.

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