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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Knee Osteoarthritis - How To Tackle It?

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Dr. Varun ShanbhagPhysiotherapist • 13 Years Exp.BPTh/BPT, Bachelor In TCM, DTCM


I am Dr. Varun Shanbhag, Physiotherapist. Today I would like to talk upon the topic which is most common and prevalent among the population in Mumbai as well as India. It is known as osteoarthritis of the knee. Many symptoms and many signs which come to our mind which people experience. The most common symptom is a lot of knee pain, swelling where knees are not able to bear the body weight. As well as this occurs usually in the morning. It does not allow you to work freely. It restricts a lot of movements. Evidently, what will happen is the quality of life will degenerate because you are not able to work better and not able to socialize better. This will restrict your lifestyle. today we will talk about what causes these symptoms. Now the main cause is age. So, the age-related problem is most common and that doesn't mean that age is going to cause the problem to everyone.

We talk about the concept of healthy aging. So, you should have good exercise, diet plan, and a good lifestyle so that this problem should not come in. People have certain job demand. Especially, the one who has a standing job.or you have to sit for too long without giving your body too much mobility. This causes too much pressure in the knee. What can we do for knee arthritis pain? The first thing to approach is pain killer medications. You also take a lot of medications to maintain cartilage. Along with cartilage preservation, what we can also do is to do good exercises.for lower limb joints. If lower limb exercises are not happening, you tend to have knee pain. A sedentary lifestyle does not allow you to have a good life. What we need to ensure that muscles around the knee joint need to be worked on much optimal rate. So, what we do in the clinic for entire lower limb, not only the knee but also hip, ankle, all need to be functioning at the normal rate.

Sometimes, some muscles tend to work more than the other. Even that also causes certain stress on the joints. Because one muscle is not allowing the other muscle to work better. We have to maintain the balance between quadriceps and hamstrings. For this, you have to do exercises properly. In most of the conditions, pain is just a symptom. What you need to take care of is the causative factors of pain. It is basically the muscle weakness around which is causing that pain. So, you have to make sure that the muscles weakness should not go beyond a particular limit and you have to take quick action. Otherwise, the next thing will happen is operation and we also have to do a lot of other things For further details, you can contact me through Lybrate.

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