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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Knee Joint Related Issue

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Hello all,

This is Dr. Nilesh Makwana. I am a physiotherapist by profession and I am practicing since 10 years in Mumbai. I have done my specialization in spine and various other certifications from different institute which is regarding spine, sports science and sports physiotherapy. Knee joint is one of the major weight bearing joint in the body. Majority of our weight whether we do stair climbing, going for a walk or some of the activities, knee joint is one of the major joints which is always under the stress. Stress being this is always under the pressure and if you do not have a proper strengthening of your thigh muscle, your calf muscle, your hip region muscles there are high chances that you may get some sort of aches or pains or some sort of injuries as well whether you are a normal individual lifestyle whether you are living in normal individual lifestyle or athletic population.

We have treated many of the knee conditions which are having not exactly the knee problem but the knee problem has occurred due to the hip problems as well. So it’s always better to evaluate, examine properly if at all is there any knee issues or knee pain in relation to either hip or ankle. We also have a foot assessment that can also one of the major contributing factor for the knee pain. If at all anybody is runner and having the knee pain after the running or during the run, we try to evaluate the foot as well. Foot basically because there is a ground reaction force it can negatively impact the knee in terms of pressure and as per the ground reaction force as well. So this makes us a completely different holistic approach in terms of treating the knee cases as well. Thank for watching this video. You can contact me on

Thank you!

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