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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Kaale Dhabbe Hataayein - 5 Home Remedies for it

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Dr. Kedar UpadhyayAyurvedic Doctor • 17 Years Exp.Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), Diploma in Naturopathy & Yoga - NDDY
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Ek insan ki personality sabse zyada uske chehre se nikal kar aati hai. Lekin isi chehre pe agar daag dhabbe pad jaayein toh iski khoobsoorti mein ek kami si aa jati hai. In today's world, an exposure to an excessive number of pollutants, changed dietary habits and lifestyle are the primary reasons why log apni facial khoobsoorti lose karte jaa rahe hain.

Kale Daag Dhabbe Kaise Hataye

Fair and clear skin is loved by all. However, kisi ke face be agar kale dhabbe aur marks pad jaaye toh wohi unke liye ek sabse badi samasya ban jaate hain. Sometimes dark spots may appear because of hormonal changes and due to advancing age as well. Lekin aisa nahi hai ki inko theek rakhne ke liye you cannot take any steps.

While there are a number of cosmetics that claim to visibly reduce or even eliminate kale dhabe completely. However, not all products work that well and some of them are extremely expensive to purchase. On the other hand, there are several effective ways to get rid of dark spots and marks in a natural way. Some of these do-at-home remedies are described below.

Kale Dhabbe Kaise Hataye Chehre Se

  1. Use lemon to eliminate dark spots: Nimbu ke rass ki madad se aap kaale dhabbo se nijaad paa sakte hain. To reap the benefits of lemon, squeeze a lemon and apply the fresh juice on the affected area or dark spots on your face. Nimbu ke juice ko kum se kum aadhe ghante tak laga rehne dein. Practice the same remedy for at least two months regularly to see great results.
  2. Aloe Vera gel can help: Aloe Vera gel regular basis pe face par lagane se daag aur kaale dhabbe kum ho jaate hain. To reap the benefits of the plant, pluck out a fresh leaf and open it apart to take out the gel. Next, is gel ko aap face par 30 to 45 minutes tak lagaye rakhe. Wash your face with clean water in the end. To see best results, is nuske ko ek mahine tak follow karein.
  3. Honey and Dalchini facepack: Din mein ek baar apne face par honey aur daalchini ka facepack bana kar lagane se daag dhabbe kum hone ke chances bhad jaate hain. To prepare the mixture, mix equal amounts of cinnamon powder and honey in a bowl. Apply this pack on your face and keep it for half an hour. Aadha ghante baad gungune paani se apna face dho lein.
  4. Potato juice: Face se kaale dhabbe hatane ka one of the best methods hai aloo ka prayog karna. To practice this method, ek fresh aloo ko pees lein. Next, apply the potato to your face for at least 20 minutes, before washing your face with lukewarm water. Potato ke tukde dhabbo par lagane se bhi same results paaye jaa sakte hain.
  5. Dahi and Lemon: Mixing equal quantities of curd and lemon juice and applying the mixture on your face also helps lighten dark spots on face. Aap is mixture ko ek mask ki tarah laga sakte hain before washing your face with plain water after 30 minutes. If you wish to discuss about any specific skin problem, you can consult a specilized dermatologist and ask a free question.

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