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Joint Injuries and Disabilities

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Here are some tips that will help you to manage joint injuries and disabilities

Joint Injuries and Disabilities
Hello friends! I’m Dr. Kamal Bachani. I’m practising Orthopedic Surgeon in Delhi for the last twenty years and plus.
Joint related injuries and disabilities. In India, alone involve every one in five patients.
Now, need being the common joint involved in these joint disabilities, being the highly mobile and joint which involves in regular locomotion.

So let’s talk about the knee joint, focus on the knee joint today. Knee joint problems can be involved in any age group right from the childhood to young adult, to an elderly age group and to very elderly age group.
We get the knee disorder problems in the form of pain, there can be stiffness, there can be arthritis of the knee joint, and there can be instability of the knee joint. Pain is one of the commonest features followed by stiffness in the knee in any form of the disease, in or around the knee.

Recent advancements have mainly focused on relieving of the pain because pain is one of the most disabling symptoms which can make patient feel incapacitated, make the patient feel depressed and dependent on others and this is the purpose of our treatment to remove pain and stiffness and make the patient mobile, active and create value in his or her own life.
We are able to treat pain by the use of modern science in the form of pharmacological therapy. We use visco supplementation. We use advanced rehabilitation techniques and wherever the anatomical factors are involved, we try to correct these anatomical factors in the form of cartilage regeneration in the form of correcting ligaments, imbalance, by reconstructing the ligament, repairing the ligament, or menisci repair, so and so on.

Now, talking about the structures, there can be involvement in front of the knee, there can be structures which can be damaged at the back of the knee, there can be structures which can be damaged inside the knee, like the ACL, the PCL, the menisci all these things can be managed now by very high precision arthroscopic surgery .
But majority, most important in knee disorder management, first point is, correct history and correct diagnosis.
Once we are able to correctly diagnosis, half the battle is already won.

After diagnosing the knee disorder problems correctly, we can plan so that the patient can be relieved of his or her symptoms.
As we have mentioned already, pain mortality is to relieve pain followed by arthroscopic surgery which may help in correcting the knee imbalances to its normal and we use techniques which avoid the knee replacement surgeries like cartilage preservation, or cartilage regeneration surgery and wherever it is imperative to do knee joint replacement surgery, there are modern techniques of optimizing the results in the form of minimally invasive surgical techniques in knee replacement which we have been using regularly.
There are techniques like computer navigation surgery to achieve more precision, there are patient specific implants, there is patient’s specific equipment which also increase the precision and accuracy in order to optimize the result.

These are the techniques which we have been using.

I get a lot of online queries, regarding these techniques. My appointments can be booked online through and I’m practicing at Fortis Hospital, Vasant Kunj, practicing in Max Smart Hospital in Saket, New Delhi and in my clinic in Malviya Nagar.
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