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Is Milk A Veg Or Non-Veg Dish? Judge For Yourself.

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Is Milk A Veg Or Non-Veg Dish? Judge For Yourself.

Loaded with nutrients and vitamins, it is certainly one of the most important foods in our daily diet. No matter what one’s religion is, the vast majority of the world drinks it, and most people relish every sip too. But have you ever wondered about the ‘religion’ (if one can call it so) of milk itself? Is it vegetarian or non-vegetarian by ‘personality’ or DNA?

Find out what the vegetarians have to say, first.

4 powerful reasons that, hardcore vegetarians will insist, make milk a pure veg dish.

  • Milk is a mere secretion of an animal, not its flesh. Since you are not consuming any body part when you drink it, milk has to be vegetarian both by origin and nature.
  • Milk doesn’t carry life giving powers (bio cells) like say, an egg does. In that sense milk is ‘non-living’, and by logical extension, a vegetarian dish.
  • In certain religions like Hinduism, milk is considered sacred (sattvik) – a label only a 100% vegetarian dish can aspire for.
  • Technically speaking, the well accepted terminology for milk is ‘Lacto Vegetarian’. The term itself contains ‘vegetarian’, so how can milk be a non-veg item?

Now, take a look at the non-vegetarian side of the fence. There is plenty of logic flying here, too.

4 incontrovertible reasons that, non-vegetarians are convinced, make milk a pure non-veg food.

  • Milk has a molecular structure and DNA that is found only in animals. This makes it non-vegetarian by origin.
  • Just like eggs, milk contains ‘Animal Fat’. So when you consume milk, you are, in effect, consuming an animal (or a part of it).
  • Milk contains 9 essential Amino Acids, Vitamin B12 and Cholesterol : These are all quintessentially non-vegetarian personalities.
  • According to science, it is blood that – via various biochemical reactions – gets converted to milk. Indeed, the presence of blood (and pus cells) has been detected in milk samples under specific laboratory conditions. Something that comes from blood cannot be vegetarian from any angle of reason, non-vegetarians will say.

So is milk veg or non-veg? Frankly, it remains a bit of a riddle, doesn’t it?

Whichever side you choose to go with, just remember that milk continues to be a great nourisher for all ages.

That’s true. Whether it is to build stronger bones and teeth, shore up your muscles, burn fat (faster than it helps put it on, that is), or generate a feeling of cooling and calmness (which, in turn, balances Vata and Pitta in the body), milk is quite a heaven-sent.

All you’ll have to ensure is that it has been sourced hygienically, stored in a sterilized place, and that the animal (cow or buffalo, for instance) hasn’t been injected with anti-biotics and hormones the FDA frowns upon.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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