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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Is Acupuncture Any Good Against Allergies?

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Mr. Santosh PandeyAcupuncturist • 25 Years Exp.Bachelor in TCM, Diploma in Acupuncture, Diploma in Naturopathy & Yogic Science (DNYS)
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Is Acupuncture any good against allergies?

An allergy is the result of hypersensitivity of the antibodies in your body to otherwise harmless foreign substances. Conventional practices rely on suppressing the function of antibodies to cure allergies but fail to address the root problem of hypersensitivity. It may also present a series of undesirable side effects that hamper your productivity.

If you are tired of the regular use of medication that accompanies your chronic allergies, you might consider the Chinese practice of acupuncture to cure you instead. A session with a licensed acupuncturist not only cures rashes and redness, stuffed nose, breathlessness, nausea etc. that present themselves with allergies but also act on the real problem of hypersensitivity. Acupuncture cleanses your body from within and is being increasingly accepted as an alternate practice to cure a range of ailments.

Causes of Allergies - 

The diverse causes of allergies can be grouped under the following -

Dust mites and pollen- Dust and pollen constitute a group of potential allergens that affect the respiratory tract

Food - The chemicals in some foods can be potential allergens

Drugs - Unnatural physical response to certain medications cause allergies

Animals and insects - The proteins in the organisms’ body may cause allergies

Mold - Inhalation of mold spores may trigger an allergic reaction in your body

Contact dermatitis - Contact with certain substance can trigger allergies, causing irritation in the skin

Seasonal allergies - Certain allergies are triggered by annual seasonal changes

Treating allergies with acupuncture -

Acupuncture is based on the 8000-year-old Chinese practice of channelling energy or qi through the body by inserting needles at specified points in the body, to various depths. Although the premise of acupuncture remains scientifically uncertain, its effectiveness has been demonstrated in practical areas.

• In acupuncture, an allergy is a response to blockage in channels through which energy flows in our body. The logic behind the treatment is releasing this blockage by means of needles to restore balanced energy flow and consequently health.

• Acupuncture initiates the self-healing abilities of the body and most people feel better with very little or no use medicines.

• The success of acupuncture in treating allergies, especially seasonal allergies is rather high. However, equally high are the results that highlight the placebo effect of acupuncture.

Although acupuncture remains to be clinically proven, it has presented impressive results when it comes to treating allergies, especially those of the chronic seasonal variety. It can eliminate the side effects of medication, though the time taken for cure varies from individual to individual and their body’s specific response to acupuncture. If you are looking for alternate practices that relieve you of allergies, acupuncture may just be the thing to try.


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