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Last Updated: Aug 09, 2023

Infertility Problem Faced By Couples!

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Dr. Sourabh R WellingHomeopathy Doctor • 19 Years Exp.MD - Homeopathy


I am Dr. Sourabh R Welling, Homeopath. For over the last few years, we have experienced that a lot of couples are facing a lot of lifestyle issues which includes diabetes, cancer, infertility. So, we are specialized in the treatment of infertility. We help couples to conceive naturally. A lot of couples are facing the problem of infertility will be surprised that in 3 couples are suffering from infertility.

All couples can conceive naturally if you give due time. IVF or any artificial treatment should be as the last option. A lot of couples conceive naturally with homeopathic treatment or when assisted with yoga, diet or supplements and some dietary and lifestyle changes. The couples require the basic correction of the defective mechanism of the reproductive system. Now the female may be suffering from PCOS, endometriosis, block tubes or low AMH. The males can be suffering from low sperm count or zero sperm count or low motility. All this can be with right specialty homeopathic treatment.

What a couple needs when they approach for infertility treatment? They require privacy, harmless treatment, major trust or surety in the treatment. So, what should you do? I would suggest waiting at least 12 months before you approach any Dr for treatment. Most of the couple will conceive in 12 months. Unfortunately, if you are not able to conceive, approach a nearest homeopathic specialist, get yourself evaluated, find out the root cause and then homeopathic treatment can be directed towards the root cause and you can conceive naturally. A lot of couples with failed IVF treatments have turned towards homeopathy and conceived naturally. If you want to watch more videos, do not forget to like and subscribe to the Lybrate page.

Thank You.

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