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Importance of Protein

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Importance of Protein

Protein is a chain of various amino acids, it is one of an essential macronutrient that the body needs. Nails and hair in the body are made up of protein, it is also used to repair tissues in the body. Protein is also the main building block of muscles and bones.

Advantages of including protein in your diet -

1. It increases the amount of lean muscle in the body
2. Induces feelings of satiety
3. Facilitates muscle recovery after exercise
4. Helps you maintain a healthy body weight

Here are some foods which are rich in protein and should be included in your daily diet -

1. Greek yoghurt - It has more protein that the traditional variety of yoghurt. It also comes with important minerals such as calcium and probiotics.

2. Eggs - Eggs are considered to be a type super food as it is a powerhouse of nutrients. It has the highest biological value that is the protein in an egg has the highest number of essential amino acids.

3. Meat - Meat such as turkey and chicken are very good sources of protein. Chicken contains niacin, which also boosts the digestive and the nervous system.

4. Tofu - Tofu is a very good source of vegetarian protein and it is also packed with manganese. It helps in muscle recovery after exercise and also strengthens bones in the body.

5. Fish - Fishes are not only a good source of protein but also contain less fat. They are packed with heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

6. Cottage cheese - Cottage cheese contains casein protein which provides the body with a steady supply of protein over a duration of time as it is digested slowly by the body.

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