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How To Repair Chipped Front Tooth In Child

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How To Repair Chipped Front Tooth In Child

You often get into this mess of losing part or whole of the tooth, and this is actually a nasty situation in several ways. You may get severe pain there, or the sharp edge of the broken tooth or chipped tooth may cut the cheek and other areas of the skin in the mouth while chewing or biting.

Besides, if left untreated the chipped part may accumulate dirt and food particles and can later form serious infections in the gum too. It looks bad too when a front tooth is broken, and often leaves your inner mount with cuts and abrasions when the sharp edge of the broken tooth rips of skin inside the mouth as you chew.

How to Repair Toddler Chipped Tooth

There are several ways to repair the chipped tooth in a child, and the first steps of first aid after the incident are as follows:

  1. To control the acute pain after the tooth break, you may take a painkiller like an acetaminophen. This will soothe the pain, and make it much easier and bearable.
  2. You must try sticking some sugarless chewing gum on the tooth to prevent cutting inside the mouth. In case a gum is not available, you may try putting some simple wax in there.
  3. Try gulping the food and chew less, or go on a liquid diet to avoid the touch of much food with the chipped tooth unless it gets the first treatment.

Repair Chipped Tooth - Filing and Bonding Treatment

Ongoing to the dentist based on the tooth break condition, you will be suggested various remedies to repair a chipped tooth. A tooth filling or bonding is the general remedy for broken front tooth pain relief.

If a small portion of the tooth is broken, then the tooth can be simply filed in case it is one of the rear teeth. The tooth will be chipped and filed to smoothen the cut edge so that it never again pokes the skin around.

If toddler chipped tooth break is not small, then bonding is a good option. The dentist fills the rest of the tooth space with a resin or porcelain material to make it look whole and natural again, and this solves the problem both physically and cosmetically.

Crowning Tooth Method for Chipped Front Tooth Pain

If the tooth is damaged more than a root canalling may be needed, and thereafter a cap or crown will be worn over the broken teeth so that it gets a natural look and the hardness to chew. You may lose sensations permanently on the tooth if the root nerve is blocked during the process. Else you will have a cosmetically working tooth for a few years until the crown wears off and needs a re-crowning.

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