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How Sports play a role in overall health?

Dr. Kamalika Bhattacharya 92% (885 ratings)
MSc in Orhopedic Physiotherapy (UK), BPTh/BPT
Physiotherapist, Bangalore  •  21 years experience
How Sports play a role in overall health?

Sports, makes sure that you are active, mentally and physically, even if you take a break for some time. If you were played a sport in your life and discontinued playing the sport because for your job, studies, family or any other reason and as a result put on weight, don’t worry, you just need to kick start your engine and your body will accelerate faster than others and make you lose on that stubborn fat, as your cells have the memory of being active. It’s never too late to start again

Sports when merely started as an extracurricular activity in school and college gives you a break from your studies. Eventually, it will help us as a kid to be fit and healthy.

Listing down some BONUS POINTS, because of Sports/ Physical Activity being a part of life:

*It teaches you to be patient, have a fighting spirit, and never settle for less in life.

*Even studies show that, children who have been into sports or are blessed with super active genes are always a quick learner, are very social with people, perform better at all the given tasks, they are more attentive in class and their grasping powers are better.

*Sports at an early age helps in life-long fitness habits.

*Earlier it was believed that any type of physical exertion can make a child feel more tired and thus less attention towards studies, which is now seen to be reversed. Where in the kids are more intellectual and perform better as compared to the sedentary kids.

*Also looking at the growing occurrence of Teenage Obesity, Sports can again be a great advantage.

* Any sport or activity will give them a dash of endorphins, thus reducing any kind of stress

Sports do not help kids alone but, it has a similar effect on adults too. Adults who play a sport perform better at work, have a good career graph, they are better in dealing with emotional issues, more energy over the day, lesser health issues and so on.

 Don't sit back and say I am old, bring the kid out of you and play a sport and encourage your child to play too!


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