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Homeopathy For Lower Back Pain!

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Homeopathy For Lower Back Pain!

Due to an increase in sedentary lifestyle, the number of incidences of lower back pain is on the rise, and that too, at a pretty scary pace. People who suffer from it look at a variety of treatment options such as allopathic painkillers and physiotherapy, but many of them overlook one of the most effective methods that exist – homeopathy.

Homeopathy is the most customised and a highly comprehensive way that one can use to treat a variety of conditions and diseases. This is due to it being tailor-made to fit the patient rather than being a ‘one size fits all’ solution like much of allopathy is.

Homeopathy treatments
When lower back pain is being treated with homeopathy, there is a range of medicines that can be used. One of the most common is Arnica Montana, which is used in the case of minor trauma arising from injuries and falls, or even exerting too much pressure. The reason why this is useful is because it addresses the stiff and bruised muscles one has in such a situation and provides relief.

Talking about the stiffness of the lower back, Bryonia is also a very common homeopathic medicine to address such a problem, especially when one feels that there is tearing pain in the back. Most lower back pains have to do with muscle tissues, which are not in the condition they should be in. As a result, Magnesia Phosphorica, which is a combination of magnesium and phosphorus can be used to good effect as it is one of the homeopathic salts, which improve the tissues. For people who experience spasms in the muscles, this medication is very likely to have a high degree of success because it works as a nerve stabilizer. People who have this sort of pain usually feel that their pain improves if warmth is applied to the area.

Due to spending too much time sitting down and not moving around, it can be so that one experiences pain when standing up from a sitting position. As a matter of fact, this pain may radiate to the hip and make one feel as if the legs are heavier than normal. Unlike other cases, the pain here may not be a shooting one, but it might just be dull, thereby resulting in muscle weakness.

Rhus Toxicodendron has its origins in poison ivy and is used to effectively treat the pain felt from initial movement, which is eased by backward bending and heat. No matter the sort of back pain, homeopathy has a definite cure it. 

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