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Homeopathy for Acute Bronchitis

Dr. Rangadhar Satapathy 88% (139 ratings)
BHMS, MD - Homeopathy
Homeopath, Bhubaneswar  •  27 years experience
Homeopathy for Acute Bronchitis

Allergic Acute Bronchitis

The word itself defines the bronchitis caused due to allergy. An acute bronchitis generally start with viral causes and if stay for more days bacterial growth appears. Any patient who suffer from acute bronchitis if start treatment with proper homeopathy remedies can be cured within 2 to 3 days. As there are no specific medicines in homeopathy for any disease and are choose as per the symptoms so it varies patient to patient. But homeopathy has an assured treatment in acute bronchitis. Here it is a question comes in everybody mind how for a same disease different medicines come. It is because homeopathy helps to cure the disease by enhancing body immune power so that the body itself get boost and cure the condition. So to find out the medicines for any person a homeopathy physician finds the medicines which can be best suitable to give the boosting effect to the person's immune system. The word 'boosting ' also can not exactly applied but can say modify the body's immune system to work healthily to maintain a healthy body function. Therefore to choose the exact medicine for the person it is required to know his details physical symptoms , mental symptoms and the most unique symptom of the disease that the patient tells which altogether helps us to find out a homeopathy remedy that can able to modify the body's immune system to work healthily. 

Chronic Allergic Bronchitis

Chronic allergic bronchitis is generally caused by allergy. There is no bacterial cause for chronic allergic bronchitis. In chronic allergic bronchitis the common symptoms are productive cough, fever, malaise, wheezing sound, respiratory distress, loss of appetite. The general cause of chronic bronchitis is exposure to various allergens. In the atmosphere where we live do expose to numerous allergen or antigen in the form dust mites, pollens, moulds, animal dander, chemicals, various smoke, various proteins, etc. Those starts reacting in our body and cause various respiratory disease and chronic bronchitis is one among them. But the most important thing is why some people suffer from such disease but others do not suffer though all are staying in the same environment. Here the immune system plays the important role. Some person's immune system is very hypersensitive to certain allergen and when contact with them start reacting, but others immune system are not so much sensitive so not react aggressively. Here one thing strikes why one's immune system is so oversensitive than others. There are various cause for the hypersensitiveness of the immune system of any person. Many factors affect the immune system like emotional factors, faulty life style and faulty food habits, environmental pollution, nature of a person, suppression of emotion, hereditary cause etc. Here the homeopathy treatment helps to modify the person's hypersensitiveness immune system to work as a healthy one. Every person has different factors of getting hypersensitive immune system. That needs to know and to select the homeopathy medicines accordingly so that the hypersensitiveness of the immune system modify to a healthy one and works healthily. This is the key point how homeopathy offers a long term cure to a chronic bronchitis. 

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