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Homeopathic Treatment For Psoriasis!

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Homeopathic Treatment For Psoriasis!

Psoriasis is a skin condition characterized by red patches of skin or small scaling spots covered with silvery and thick scales. The pain, itching, and burning symptoms in Psoriasis can get too discomforting at times. If it is recurring in cycles of month or weeks, patients need to visit a doctor. 

Doctors usually prescribe corticosteroid creams and ointments to apply over the affected parts. However, such topical medicines may have side effects. They may even stop working if applied for a long time. 
Psoriatic symptoms may also come back after some time. Patients can take the help of homeopathy to cure Psoriasis since it rarely has any side effect and it may be able to cure the problem permanently. 

What is Psoriasis 
It is an inflammatory condition of skin, which affects a small percentage of people, but can appear at any age, between 11 and 60. The skin may also be dry and cracked and bleed. Itching, soreness and burning are common conditions associated with Psoriasis. There may also be thickened or ridged nails and even stiff, swollen joints. The condition can be widespread or sporadic. 
Whatever be the nature of the condition, it is very likely to be painful, itchy and even burning. If it leads to bleeding, it can become very discomforting. 

Causes of Psoriasis
● It is considered that Psoriasis is a result of overactive immune cells. The immune cells attack healthy skin cells and precipitate the problem. 

●  Normal cells undergo a continuous process of change. They move up to the surface of the skin, die and are shed within weeks. This process gets accelerated in Psoriasis. As a result, cells go through this cycle within a few days. This causes all the symptoms of skin and even joints like fingers and toes including the spine.

Homeopathy and Psoriasis
 There are side effects of traditional Psoriasis treatment. It may not even be able to cure the problem permanently. People need to take these into account while seeking treatment for Psoriatic skin conditions.

Homeopathy treats Psoriasis effectively with no side effects.

●  In Homeopathy, doctors may just target the problem or suggest a constitutional remedy that can strengthen the system in general.
●  Homeopathic doctors may not just look at the Psoriasis symptoms of the patient, but also the patient’s general health. They take note of how patients react to the environment and which factors trigger their emotion. 
●  Constitutional approach is the hallmark of careful Homeopathic treatment for diseases, including Psoriasis. 
●   However, doctors may also combine constitutional remedy with symptomatic treatment for best resolution of the problem. 

   Traditional remedy may not be able to cure Psoriasis permanently. This is why many patients are now turning to homeopathy. Homeopathic doctors fight the disease in two ways – constitutionally and symptomatically. This may strengthen the body to resist Psoriasis and also prevent flare-ups. 

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