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Homeopathic Approach to Piles

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Homeopathic Approach to Piles

Piles or Hemorrhoids could be an exasperating ailment as it affects the anal area – a part of your body that is vital to the normal bowel movement. This happens when the veins in the rectal area get inflated due to blood clotting. The condition is accompanied by the presence of blood in the stool, a burning sensation during defecation, itchiness and prolonged uneasiness around the anus. If the symptoms become too severe, the rectum might come out and cause pain. In that case, the rectum needs to be pushed in manually.

There are limited options of allopath medicines available when it comes to the treating piles. Surgery is a possible method but sometimes it is not recommended to a patient. However, there are homeopathy remedies that one might use to recover from this disorienting disorder.

  1. Homeopathic supplement made from the extract of North American witch hazel shrub is known to cure piles. Bleeding that occurs as a result of piles is a thing of concern. This medicine helps to stop the bleeding and resists the development of further venous clots.
  2. Krameria is another South American shrub whose roots are used to make a homeopathic medicine for treating piles. Many people feel a burning sensation around the anus while passing stool which makes defecation a difficult activity and the pain often remains for a long time. The homeopathic supplement made from the Krameria shrub is used to treat piles that cause pain.
  3. A homeopathic drug made from the tincture of the European honey bee is also used to treat painful hemorrhoids. The burning sensation that one feels around the anus owing to piles is similar to that which is felt on being stung by a bee. Homeopathic medicines often treat an effect by the cause of that effect. In this case, it treats the stinging sensation by an agent that causes the sensation.
  4. Strychnine tree is a deciduous plant that grows in India and Southeast Asia. It contains the alkaloids - strychnine and brucine that are poisonous but can be used to produce alternative medicines. Gastrointestinal disorders aggravate the condition of piles. This medicine cures piles by eliminating these disorders.
  5. Black Carbon is a component that some homeopathic medicines use. Black carbon cures constipation, a condition that often develops piles, and softens the stool so that no straining is required while defecating.
  6. Piles are often accompanied by back pain. A homeopathy medicine made from the compounds of the Horse Chestnut tree help to cure backache.

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