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High Blood Pressure

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High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure Causes

High blood pressure is many times a symptom of underlying disease. You can visualize heart as a pump which is pumping blood (viscous liquid) across the body. It supplies the brain where it pumps against gravity. Similarly it also receives the blood from the legs which is again against gravity. In this closed circulation the blood vessels allow the gases like oxygen and carbondioxide and some liquid to pass through the membrane along with nutrients and waste products to and from various tissues.

Blood pressure increases

1. The heart has to pump with higher intensity due to a blockage which restricts the blood supply to a critical organ including the brain and heart.

2. Blood vessels become narrow due to constriction or fat and calcified plaques deposited.

3. Certain hormones (Chemicals) secreted by the kidneys and other organs cause the blood vessels to contract.

4. Stress which releases enzymes that increase blood pressure.

5. Electrolytes like Sodium levels increase the osmotic pressure thereby increasing the volume of blood and thus blood pressure. It is mainly due to an underline endocrine disease.

Considering these five points we need to investigate understand and try to address the cause by symptomatically managing the blood pressure.

High blood pressure has multiple effects on to the body especially on small blood vessels which can burst (bleed) in brain, eyes and other organs. It also increases the risk of pushing a clot into the brain as well as damaging the blood vessel itself. The cholesterol and other lipids which circulate in the blood get pushed towards the walls of the vessel due to high blood pressure thereby increasing the risk of atherosclerosis.

In short high blood pressure is a serious entity needs to be addressed objectively.

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