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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Heart Transplant and Ventricular Cyst Device

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Dr. Kewal KrishanCardiothoracic Vascular Surgery • 26 Years Exp.MCH DNB (CTVS), Advanced fellowship, MS

I am Dr. Kewal Krishan. I am a cardiac surgeon at max hospital, Saket. I am director of the program of heart transplant. And we have separate vertical of a heart transplant advert and echmo. I was trained in US in MIO clinic as well as mount stannic New York for five years and then came back to this country to start heart transplant, ventriculus device and echmo program.

So we have started this heart transplant program for those patients who are in end stage heart failure those who have already burned out, ejection fraction is less than 25% and they have problems of breathlessness or the problem of walking. When these patients go to other physicians they are they told them, give medications and there is no treatment left after this. So these patients we offer them heart transplant. Heart transplant is basically you take out the diseased heart and put a new heart which require a diseased brain death donor which is allocated by NOTO, National organ Tissue and transplant organization. So another thing is ventricular assist device which is an artificial pump which we, which we put in the heart and that takes blood from the heart and puts that blood into the aorta so it works as a left ventricle or right ventricle and or by ventricular so the patient life’s becomes normal, because before that the blood pumping was 2 litters and once we put the device or we put a new heart the pumping become 5 litters which is a normal and patient start to get blood to all organs and they become normal and their life becomes normal with that. So those patients who are with end stage heart failure, they are told by their physicians that there is no other treatment left for these, these patients. They can come to us and they can go to my website and visit and what are the options left over for such kind of patients. So I am doing these surgeries for many years, almost 11 years I am doing this and results are really good. 90, more than 90% a 1 year survival, I am talking of those patients who otherwise die in 1 year so we, first the patient comes to us, we work up the patient, weather patient qualifies the heart transplant ventricle assist device or heart lung transplant and then we offer them accordingly and we put the patient, if the patient is ready to go to ventricular assist device which the cost is close to 19 lac and for the heart transplant the cost is close to 18 lac to 22 lac depending upon the age and other factors. So these patients they get benefit, they can speak to our previous patients also, how their life has transformed from a diseased patient to a normal person and they live a good quality of life and quality of life with either transplant or ventricular assist device it’s close to 15 to 20 so it’s not less. So it’s like a normal life so, and they live a normal life. People even can’t make they are going through this procedure.

So for future if you have any problem you can go to Lybrate to find my contact and contact me.

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