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Hearing Problems - Treatment Options For It!

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Hearing Problems - Treatment Options For It!

Loss of hearing cannot be reversed or cured. However, it can be treated. Even people who have lost all hearing can hear sounds again with the help of modern medicine. Treatment for hearing loss depends on a number of factors. This includes the type of hearing loss, the severity of hearing loss, budget etc. The most common treatment options for a loss of hearing are:

Removal of Wax Blockage: Ear wax that accumulates in the inner ear canal is a common cause for temporary loss of hearing. In such cases, cleaning the ear wax can help restore hearing. This should not be attempted at home as damaging the ear canal can result in a permanent hearing loss. To remove the ear wax, a doctor will need to loosen it with oil and then suction out the softened wax.

SurgeryLoss of hearing caused due to a traumatic ear injury can be treated with surgery. This usually involves the insertion of small tubes to help fluid drain out of the ear. This surgery may also be beneficial in the case of temporary loss of hearing caused by recurrent infections.

Hearing Aids: Permanent loss of hearing is usually caused by damage to the inner ear. In such cases, a hearing aid can help. There are many different types of hearing aids available. These hearing aids work by amplifying the sound received and thus making it easier for a person to hear. Hearing aids are removable and can be taken off whenever needed. The most common types of hearing aids are:

  1. Behind the ear hearing aids – These are large, powerful hearing aids that are used to treat severe loss of hearing.
  2. In the ear hearing aids – These are small hearing aids that fit within the outer ear and can be used to treat mild to severe loss of hearing.
  3. In canal hearing aids – These are very small hearing aids that fit inside the ear canal and are thus not visible from outside. They are used to treat mild to moderate loss of hearing.

Cochlear ImplantsSevere hearing loss caused by irreparable damage to the inner ear canal can be treated with a cochlear implant. This works by amplifying sounds and transmitting them to the auditory nerves while bypassing the damaged ear canal. A cochlear implant needs to be surgically inserted behind the ear and can be used by children and adults. Cochlear implants have been successfully used to treat people who were born with a loss of hearing. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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