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Hair Transplant - Knowing About The Tools Used In The Process!

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Hair Transplant - Knowing About The Tools Used In The Process!

Hair transplant surgery is a type of clinical procedure that involves the transfer of your scalp hair from a thickly populated to a sparsely populated region. The hair you already have on your head is shifted from one place to the other to give your head an even appearance in terms of hair growth and presence on the scalp. This procedure has great psychological benefits apart from the usual biological ones, as it boosts the patient’s confidence greatly.

There are multiple ways this surgery may be performed, and several tools accompanying every variant of the procedure.

The types of hair transplant surgery-

• The FUT method - The Follicular Unit Strip Surgery or FUT method is one of the most popular surgical methods. In it, a small strip of skin is extracted from your scalp during surgery and grafts of hair, some small number from every part of the skin strip, are prepared.

• The FUE method - The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method involves shaving a small part of your scalp and extracting hair that was present in that part.

After the extraction part is complete, in both cases, the hairs obtained are re-inserted into other chosen areas of your scalp to facilitate hair growth and multiplication there.

Hair transplant tools: What are they and how many varieties are available?

All hair transplants, be it FUSS or FUE, are performed with a defined set of instruments. They are-

• Cole instrument - This is a fine variety of instrument, which provides added finesse in comparison to the others and hence comes at higher prices. The speciality of this is that the quality of grafts extracted never falters with it.

• Harris instrument - These are beneficial for FUE treatments. They can help even novice surgeons perform the technique with ease. The pressure required of the instrument, semi-hard, is exactly what can be expected from the Harris variety. These instruments also come in handy during DHTs (Direct Hair Transplants).

• Carl Zeiss Loupes - The speciality of this type of devices is the ease of working they provide. That comes in very helpful in case of a surgery like hair transplant, which is a long and meticulousness-demanding surgical process. It helps doctors working without exhaustion for longer periods of time.

Hair transplant is a procedure that has been around for ages in the field of medical science. However, the process has advanced by leaps and bounds technologically, with the advent of new surgical tools. Opt for the one you find most suited to your desired type of surgery, and locate a clinic that specializes in the use of those.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!
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