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Hair Transplant

Dr. Akhilendra Singh 91% (116 ratings)
MBBS, MD - Dermatology
Dermatologist, Gurgaon  •  12 years experience
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Hello, I'm Dr Akhilendra Singh, consultant hair transplant surgeon AKS clinics. I am MD from PGI, Chandigarh and member of an Association of Hair Restoration Surgeon of India.

Hair transplant is a safe and permanent solution for baldness.Today I will discuss technique of hair transplant broadly. There are two techniques only:

  • One is the older technique which is known as strip techniques
  • Second technique is follicular unit extraction or FUE.

FUE is the newer and far better technique than the older strip technique.

So, first I will talk about strip technique:   In the strip technique, we need to take a strip from the back of the head. Here we need to cut the skin along the hair strict length is approx 20 to 30 centimetres and width is 1 to 1.5 centimetres. Then we need to put suture and sutures are removed after one week.

Drawbacks of the strip technique was that,

  • We can take Graft only from the back of the head,  i.e, the scalp. We cannot take graft we cannot utilize graph from the body like the beard or Chest. So we cannot correct the big bald area in one go.
  • The second problem with the strip techniques is that it is more invasive because it is cut. There is suture for there is chance of bleeding during surgery. There is a chance of little more discomfort pain after surgery which takes more time to heal.
  • The third problem with this trick technique that it will definitely leave a permanent linear scar in the back of the head.

Now the second technique of hair transplant is follicular unit extraction.

Here we have extract Graft one by one from the back of the head. We can also extract from beard and the body area with a specialized instrument. In this technique, there is no cut and no sutures. So practically it is painless, is scarless and suture-less technique. Since the inception of the FUE, we are doing a lot of improvement in the technique.

The latest version is direct hair transplant or direct hair implant what we known as DST. In this technique here are taken and implanted side by side so that practically there is no time where grafts are hair grafts are out of body and it increases the survival by many folds. So the bottom line is in the modern FUE or DST techniques.

Advantages of DST:

  • We can take the number of grafts in one go so we can cover a big bald area in one session.
  • It is very comfortable for the patient. Healing time is just 24hours or less than that. So he can resume duty from the very next day.
  • DST technique we are reducing out of body time. We are increasing the result better results, faster results without any downtime.

So there is no drawback of an FUE DST technique. The only thing it is more time-consuming as it is more tedious and needs more experience to operate.

If you have further queries you can contact me on lybrate.

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