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Hair Loss and Alopecia

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Dr. Punit Pratap 86% (139 ratings)
MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MD - Skin,VD & Leprosy
Dermatologist, Noida  •  13 years experience
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Hello Everyone

I’m Dr. Punit Pratap, a dermatologist and hair transplant surgeon here in Noida.

So, today we’ll discuss about hair loss and Alopecia usually we notice hair fall when we find many number of hairs in comb or while we wake up and on pillow or shower, these are the indicators of hair loss. One should be taken as alarming sign. Hair loss is not just two words, it cannot affect only your looks, it can affect your quality of life and your behavior. So there are many cause of hair loss, which of some are very important like your dandruff, your poor nutrition and underline medical condition and finally Anrdogemetic Alopecia. I will brief this late one and all these cause affect male and female males you will find the seeding hair like that means like here we call it temporal recession and it form an M pattern. Gradually it goes to the vertex and from their lead the ground. In female, we see the diffused hair loss, okay and we see the space while parting your hair or the thinning of ponytail. The good thing is hair loss is treatable in early middle and late stages. We have many modalities like oral medications, solutions, PRP, Mesotherapy, and finally, surgically restoration by hair transplantation. Dermatologists are the right answers to this problem as in dermatology, trichology is a part of dermatology.

Stay happy, healthy and have good hair. Thank you.

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