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Garbhasanskar (Antenatal And Postnatal Care)

Dr. Payal Khandelwal 88% (25 ratings)
BAMS, MD - Ayurveda
Ayurveda, Bangalore  •  15 years experience
Garbhasanskar (Antenatal And Postnatal Care)

Garbhasanskar is a very unique concept of ayurveda since it promotes complete well being of the foetus and the mother. It focuses on physical, mental & spiritual health of the baby and the pregnant mother.

What does it include?
1) complete regime for pregnant mother as to what she should eat, how her routine must be and what she should do for healthy pregnancy.
2) importance of mental & spiritual well being.
3) monthly medicines for healthy growth of the baby. The medicines are given as per the development of the organs and systems in the baby. It is called masanumasik (monthly regime of medicines)

4) also details about postnatal care is given. The importance of breast feeding, care regime for the mother and the newborn baby upto 1 yr of age is described. Again physical, mental health is taken care of.
5) tips & medicines regarding general health and prevention of common health issues is given.
Garbhasanskar is a complete package for prevention of diseases and maintenance of good physical & mental health during pregnancy & post delivery.

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