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I am Dr. Umesh Bilewar, consultant dermatologist and hair transplant surgeon from Ozone Care Clinic, Seawoods. As rainy season is here, I am here to talk about most common problem of rainy season that is fungal infection. This is known by different names. So why it is happening? Why it is there? Actually most important factor in case of fungal infection is moisture. You must have seen fungus growing on damp walls. You might have seen fungus growing on breads which are staying outside for few days because those catch moisture actually. In human body there are certain areas which are moisture prone like groin area because of sweating and another another skinfold which are prone for moisture.

These moisture prone areas tends to grow few fungal elements and in rainy season it is more because our clothes tends to get more wet often. We tend to wear damp clothes actually. So because of these factors and because of overall damp environment we have more amount of fungal infections in this season. What to do about it? The most important factor is to take care of the moisture part. You have to make sure that things are dry at all these places. We have to make sure that you are wearing dry clothes only. Second thing is treat fungal infection to the earliest.

Don't wait for it to progress further. Third important thing is don't self medicate yourself. Don't buy medicine on your own from pharmacy because most of those contains steroids and if you apply those you will get a temporary relief but what's going to happen is after sometime as soon as you stop the medication the fungus is going to grow further and it will increase in the size and it will increase in severity and if you continue these medicine for longer duration of time it is going to have side effects like stretch marks. Fungus can become less responsive to medication and all.

So it is very important that you should not self medicate. 4th important thing is consult a proper dermatologist having a proper recognised degree. Another important thing is you should take proper course prescribed by your Dermatologist. don't leave the course in between that will also need to recurrence of the fungal infection. That may also lead to the resistance of the fungus. Take care this rainy season. This is Dr. Umesh signing off. For further information you can contact us on our website.

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