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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Facial Rejuvenation

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Dr. Deepa KanchankotiDermatologist • 26 Years Exp.MBBS, Diploma in Venerology & Dermatology (DVD), Diplomate of National Board (Dermatology)

Hi, I am Dr Deepa Kanchankoti practising dermatologist in Kandivali, Mumbai. Youth full look is something which everybody looks forward to but each passing birthday one started noticing the fine lines and wrinkles and then starts the search for the best anti wrinkle cream the best anti-wrinkle treatment which is available around, but before you tell all this first understand what is these wrinkles are how they appear and what can be done to prevent them and if they are already present then which treatments are available so that they can be taken care of and one should have a realistic expectations. First, understand the skin, the skin has three layers epidermis the superficial layer, the dermis the middle layer and below that is the fat, below that, is muscle and then the bone so when one is looking forward to removing the wrinkles one must understand that there are changes which are happening in each of these. In epidermis layer there may be some area which should be thick and some will be thin and this causes the patchiness and the pigmentation which will make the skin look uneven tone. If there is a change in the middle layer or the dermal layer there are changes in the collagen and the elastin fibres and the matrix material in between. The intrinsic ageing which happens as an ageing process or the external factor which causes ageing, a process to happen that is the ultraviolet rays coming from the Sunlight or other sources and smoking, yes you heard smoking leads to changes in these collagen fibres and elastin fibres. When you are young the healing capacity of these fibres is good, so there's no wrinkle formation but as you start aging the healing process slows down and therefore the repair is low and the wrinkle formation starts, fat loss, bone resorption, super activity of the muscles on the face all these leads to wrinkles. There are fine lines, dynamic wrinkles and static wrinkles what are these, so once the changes in the collagen and the elastin fibres starts happening you start developing fine lines then you make an action on the muscle like for example you raise the eyebrows the fine line appears, you bring the eyebrows closer you get those angry bird line, you squeeze the muscle of your eyes and you start getting these crow’s feet and when you laugh you get thess laugh lines which are very deep and then when there is drooping of the angle of the mouth you get these marionette lines, there is hollowness of the cheeks some people have too much of a loner hollowness according to lines too many wrinkles in the cheeks they can be hauled or sagging of the skin and people are looking for only one single cream which will remove all these things, that doesn't actually happen. If you want the dynamic lines to disappear then you must relax these lines so we have botulinum, when these are delivered to these muscles the muscles are relaxed and the dynamic lines go but then there are static lines, static lines are those lines which are present even when the muscle is not making the action. So there comes the role of fillers, so these fill up the hollows which are created by the fat disappearance or loss of the muscle tone, then you must understand that some of these processes they take time and you are working against that timeline. So some of the processes lead to be repeated. What is more important is that you must take care of the skin or prevent this process from happening and for that, the foremost is the moisturizer depending upon the skin type, various type of ingredients are there-there are different moisturizers to suit the different skin types. So use of moisturizer regular basis, use of a sunscreen to prevent aging from the ultraviolet rays, stoppage of smoking are the preventive measures, of course healthy eating exercise is there but other than that there is botulinum, there are hyaluronic acid fillers, there are threads which will create new collagen elastin then there are lasers and light therapies and RF and the list is endless, she can choose among the plethora what expecting that one wrinkle cream or some massage oil will remove all the wrinkles doesn't happen. So take care of your skin and delay the signs of ageing, Thank you.