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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Exercises That Can Help Relieve Knee Pain!

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Dr. Nargesh AgrawalOrthopedic Doctor • 11 Years Exp.MS - Orthopaedics, Fellowship in Sports injuries, Shoulder & Knee arthroscopy, Fellowship in Paediatric Orthopaedics, Fellowship in Paediatric Orthopaedics
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It is normal and alright to feel pain in the knees occasionally after a physical activity or prolonged walking. However, it is a serious cause of concern if the pain is experienced every now and then. Not responding to your knee pain for long can lead to an extreme disability. Knee pain does not crop up in a day and it may surprise you when it first appears.

Initially, you may notice slight pain and discomfort. If you have identified knee pain at this level, managing it is easy. You can perform different exercises to prevent pain from occurring. If the pain severe, you need to go consult a doctor, who will then help identify the real cause of pain. The following exercises, along with medications, can help you overcome knee pain and restore the mobility of the joint.

  1. Stair-step ups: Choose a comfortable stairway. Place your hand on the wall or banister. This is to ensure that you are balanced. Your left foot should be on the taller step. Your right foot should be on the ground. Stay in this posture for a second. Now, step back, and bring left foot to the right foot. Repeat this 6 times. Reverse the legs and continue doing for 6 times. If you want to take rest between the steps, feel free to do so.
  2. Ups and downs: You need an armless chair that is strong. Sit on the edge but comfortably. Your arms should be at your side, relaxed and loose. Sit erect and your feet should be flat. If you feel you need balance, and then cross your arms. Start standing up. This should not be instant but deliberate, controlled, and gradual movement. Stand slowly up to the full height, and hold on for 2 seconds. Again sit down. Repeat this 5 times.
  3. Straight leg raise: This can be a part of your everyday exercise regime. This is a strengthening workout that does not put too much effort on the knees. Lie down on your back. One leg should be straight on the ground and the other one should be bent. Now, slowly lift the leg that is straight, and the toes should point upward. Raise your leg up to 30 degrees, but you can start with 15 to 20 degrees in the initial stage. Repeat 15 times and perform at least 3 sets of this exercise. Keep alternating legs. This workout strengthens the knees, thigh muscles, and the ankle joints, thus offering multifold benefits.
  4. Wall hamstring stretch: Hamstring muscles too can be the cause of knee pain and discomfort. To strengthen the hamstring muscles and alleviate knee pain, this exercise helps a lot. Lie down on the floor flat. Your feet should be flexed. Choose a space that is close to a wall, or a sturdy table. Your right leg should be propped on the wall or table. If you don’t prefer any, a resistance band is a good alternative. When stretching, you can find your flexibility level and when you feel that you have reached the deepest point, start relaxing. Keep alternating contracting and relaxing every 5 seconds. After 10 to 15 sets, you can try the same with the left leg.
  5. Knee rolls: Use an exercise mat or a carpet that is cozy. Lie on your back. Bend the knees, and ensure your feet are flat. Your arms should be stretched on the sides. Look at the ceiling, and hold the knees together. In the same posture, slowly roll the knees towards the right. When you feel a gentle twitch or after 5 seconds, move to original position. Then lower the knees to the left. Hold and release. For each side, repeat 10 times.

These exercises strengthen the knees and improve the quality of life by bidding bye to the pain. Understanding that these are magic remedies that work overnight is the key to stay focused and keep going without quitting.


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