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Erectile Dysfunction

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Dr.Sudhir Bhola 91% (1383ratings)
MD - Alternate Medicine, BAMS
Sexologist, Gurgaon  •  22years experience
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 This is Dr. Sudhir Bhola. Today I am here to tell you something about the recent development in the field of Erectile Dysfunction treatment. Now Erectile dysfunction which is vasculogenic, for specially this kind of erectile dysfunction we have got a machine which is an "extracorporeal shock wave therapy" or you can say "linear shockwave therapy". This machines therapy is given directly on the penis that is your cavernosa is directly cured with the help of shock waves delivered through shock wave therapy source.

Suppose this is your penile shaft. The upper side is the cavernosa. When therapy source is run over that, it delivers the shock waves and in turn it clears all the blockages of the arteries. Plus, it regenerates the arteries, regeneration of the tissues and it cures not only the erectile dysfunction but it, in certain cases, has given a very good improvement in the size of the penal shaft. In fact, this is such a nice thing for the patients who's going to get married within a month or two or for a patient who has travelled from far off place and he wants a quick results in his erectile dysfunction. Now this therapy is is given every 4th day or at the most it can be given at every 6th day and total number of therapies have to be 6.

After 6 therapies I have seen very good result of the patients which are just even telling they have got the improvement in their size of their penis. Especially, the main thing is that this does not require any drug or any kind of oral medications. So the patients who are allergic to many kinds of drugs or herbs or anything or they are having hypertension or any kind of commodity which they are suffering from- in that case does this is very much advisable.

Thank you very much!

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