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Dos and Don'ts to Preserve the Look

Dermatologist, Delhi  •  17 years experience
Dos and Don'ts to Preserve the Look

Well to start with, the hot topic of today that is “Do’s and Don’ts to preserve the look” has become  of a trend and a showy business.

Face-Wash, Hair Creams, Protein Powders, Mass Gainers, Keratins and many other things are available today in the market exclusively for Men.

Today the value of face value has increased – a perfect irony.

If you need some important tips and guidelines on the topic “How a Male can impress Women?”, then I would recommend you to read the whole blog, until the very end. I would like to start by saying that whatever I am writing is tested and experienced by myself as well as people around me, so it is completely safe to use.

I do know that there are tons of websites offering a lots of information, but believe me they just are like written theories which are hard to implement or if implemented they have side effects because they talk about using artificial things such as chemical and man-made cosmetics which can be harmful for the skin. I will not suggest that for sure.

So let us begin our short journey and learn to maintain looks and appearance. First thing to note is that we are talking about the dos and don’ts for achieving overall personality.

We can categorize the whole blog into various parts focusing on every category, which needs to be taken care of like the Body Posture, Face, overall Food trend one must follow, Exercises that one must practice to be in shape, etc.

Body Posture

For the Body Posture category, I can only suggest to keep your backbone erect while walking and sitting either on a chair or on any other surface.


The next thing, which has to be cared about, is a man’s face. One can keep it clean and spotless by using natural face wash gels like aloe Vera made or Neem leaves extracts.

Having a clean shave makes your skin fairer. Short and trimmed hair always looks good on average heighted person. Getting facials and face cleanings done on an occasional basis with natural creams is recommended.

Food or Diet

In the diet and food category, the important things that one should keep in mind are drink at least 4 liters of water per day, include more of salads and protein filled food in your diet, other foodstuffs that contain calcium, minerals and fibers.

Fruits have to eaten on a daily basis; Vegetables of varying colors should be selected.


Exercise regularly; it can contain simple walking, pace walking, push-ups, abs exercise and a lot of running.

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