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Don't Fall for the Hype: Why Anti-wrinkle Creams Don't Work

Dr. Suruchi Puri 88% (883 ratings)
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Dermatologist, Delhi  •  18 years experience
Don't Fall for the Hype: Why Anti-wrinkle Creams Don't Work

Skin care and beauty products are a multibillion dollar industry which has been known to use unscrupulous methods to ensure the success of their products. Not all of them are fraudulent as some specialist creams are known to be effective. The majority however is mostly a mixture of marketing gimmicks and very run of the mill ingredients which don't really do anything.

Let's look at a few reasons why most anti wrinkle creams don't work:

  1. Creams bought over the counter, barring non prescription ones, are mostly just moisturizers: When you buy a new wonder cream which is supposed to be beneficial for your skin and reduce wrinkles, all it may be doing is actually just moisturizing the skin. This results in smoother looking skin although the wrinkles are still there. This with the combination of the placebo effect makes you think it may actually be working to reduce your wrinkles.
  2. The use of marketing to make a product appear what it isn't: Anti-wrinkle cream manufacturers use clever ploys to market their product and make it appear as a magic solution when it isn't. Digitally enhanced photographs and the use of models that are gifted with exceptionally good skin may lure you into buying their product when it may not be effective for you at all.
  3. Lack of real ingredients: These creams lack the real ingredients for it to be effective anti wrinkle agents. Retinol is a regulated drug which is used in many high end creams and is known as the anti wrinkle drug. However, cheaper creams may not have any of this chemical and thus all the claims are complete hoaxes.
  4. Making expectations too high: The human body is meant to change throughout the years, but due to excessive and hyped marketing, many are led to believe anti wrinkle creams will work wonders on them. However, even the best cream can only do so much and thus it is important for you to have realistic expectations of any product.
  5. Wrinkle prevention is always easier than removing them: Leading a healthy lifestyle where you keep your body hydrated, and follow a proper diet and exercise well will do wonders for your skin. Keep your skin hydrated with light moisturizers as well and it will prevent more wrinkles from showing up. However, existing wrinkles will not go away completely but will remain minimized if you have a healthy lifestyle.
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