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Distraction- The Efficiency Killer At Work!

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Ms. Anjali Mahajan 92% (38 ratings)
M.Phil - Clinical Psychology, M.Sc - Neuropsychology
Psychologist, Zirakpur  •  14 years experience
Distraction- The Efficiency Killer At Work!

Nowadays, it is quite challenging to increase work efficiency by overall team performance due to increasing competitions. Hence, the use of modern technologies is helping tremendously to improve the productivity.  But at the same time, these advanced technologies have started creating hindrances in the overall productivity. It includes the internet and social media. They are the major culprit for killing work efficacy and distracting every working personnel. Amongst all these, smartphones are at topmost level comparing to other technologies. However, these are not the only cause of distractions.

What could be the exact cause of the distractions?

According to recent surveys, the biggest efficiency killers in the workplace are as follows:

  1. Noisy atmosphere
  2. Seating in the closed rooms
  3. Gossiping with the colleagues
  4. Being excessively active on social media
  5. Frequent meetings
  6. Taking a frequent break for snacks, or for smoking

All these activities tend to distract people at workplace, making them inattentive, and least productive. These distractions have significant consequences as it affects the quality of work and hampers the relationship with the boss and the subordinates. The great productivity comes from proper focus on one task at a time until it gets completed. The use of all these gadgets during work hour is increasing day by day. Notifications from these programs used to keep in touch with people are the biggest distracting measures.

In some organizations, the distraction is avoided by removing all the barriers, such as blocking social websites, banning personal calls, and cell phone use, monitoring emails and internet use, limiting meetings, providing open space etc.

How to improve work efficiency?

Close all these communication channels. It will definitely help to concentrate on the work. Receiving notifications in between work, breaks the chain of thoughts, and takes more time to complete the work. Try to gather all the information before starting the work. Put smartphone either on silent mode, or vibration mode, and stay away from all such distractions.

Schedule a break with definite starting and ending time. This will serve dual purpose, in making one feel relaxed and feeling refreshed to start the work again with the same enthusiasm. Be in the company of productive people. Get inspired by observing how other co-workers are improving their productivity.

Take a walk in case of difficulty to concentrate. Researchers have shown that taking a walk for 15-20 min improves brain function, provides refreshment and renewed energy.

Stay away from the noisy environment. The good remedy to avoid noise is using headphones and listening to soothing music. Stay away from any kind of gossip, or unnecessary discussions as they divert the mind from the main focus.  


Being focused is equally important to improve the work efficiency, to improve the productivity, and to maintain the relationship with the organization. Distraction will never help to flourish and will create many obstacles in the path of success.

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