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Dietitian Tip - Seasonal Local Mangoes or Exotic Avocados?

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Dietitian Tip - Seasonal Local Mangoes or Exotic Avocados?
Seasonal local mangoes or exotic avocado?

Avocado and Mango both are rich in vitamins and minerals but which one should you choose?

Remember that the more food travels, the lesser will be nutrition. So consume seasonal & local fruits and vegetables.

Mangoes are even big yes for weight loss as it calms sugar cravings and slows down the development of fat cells.

Can I have mango if I have diabetes? Yes
Can I have mango if I have cholesterol? Yes
Can I have mango if have high bp? Yes

Remember, moderation is the key. And eat fruits on their own or first thing in the morning. Do not consume with or right after/before meals.

For all those who are concerned if mango really works for weight loss:
your mango can help you become lean and toned, but you've got to eat it at the right time. Here's how it works: a mango, eaten with a meal, alters the ph balance or acidity of the stomach and disturbs both the glycemic index and glycemic load of your meal. When a mango is eaten on its own, exactly like the way you often eat your papaya and melon, the sugars and the micro-nutrients in the fruit are much more available to the body than they would be, when it is consumed along with, or right after a meal. So eat your mango after dinner, or have it, as some of us love to do, as aamras, with hot puris, and sure, you will be expanding that ring around your waist.

Eat it first thing in the morning, or just after physical exercise, and it may just help you get that six pack.

If you have any further questions on issues related to nutrition or diet, ask me by clicking on 'Consult'.

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