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Dr. Ashima Ranjan Tiwari 92% (363 ratings)
Psychiatrist, Noida  •  7 years experience
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I am Dr Ashima Ranjan consultant psychiatrist in Yatharth hospital Noida as well as in Greater Noida. Today I will be speaking about depression. Depression is very serious and yet it’s very common in this. It can affect any age group and it can affect one's patient morals, sub-moral, one's peace of mind, physical health, interpersonal relationship, job performance, academic performance and it can affect many domains as well. Many times it goes unnoticed leading to grave consequences. The best part is that depression is totally treatable and it can be treated and the person or the patient can be reached a premorbid level with proper treatment and management. Briefing about symptoms of depression the patient can feel very low, sometimes sad, one’s patient was having interest in the pleasurable activities currently is not having that, decrease sleep, decrease appetite, feeling lethargic most of the time, feeling low, helplessness feeling, most of the time negative thoughts, sometimes suicidal thoughts that there is nothing in his life, no hope, no future, life is like a hell anxiety, feeling very restless, not interested any of the activities. Sometime patient may have some weird experiences like suspiciousness thinking that someone is talking to him, someone is commanding him, and someone is having some command on the patient. This is a real type of depression which is called a depression with a psychotic symptom which is also treatable. So it’s high time that person should be treated for depression, its treatable and it should be treated. So come out make someone smile, make someone treat for depression.


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