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BDS, MDS - Orthodontics, Certified Lingual Orthodontist , Certified Implantologist
Dentist, Gurgaon  •  12 years experience
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Know about different type of Dental Braces

Hi! I am doctor Karan Bhalla an orthodontist specialist in braces and a super specialist in lingual braces that are invisible braces.

People often ask me this question that what is the age limit to every braces treatment they have this lingering question in their mind what is the right age and what is the right time to get braces in the mouth? The answer to this question is there is no age limit in short no age bar for braces, so what happens is these people who didn't get the braces fitted in the mouth during the childhood think that they have to carry this crooked teeth throughout the life, which is not the case.

In the past there has been an increase of people getting braces in adulthood as well, the reason for this demand in society is a demand for aesthetics. I want to look good and also because of the digitisation people have a lot of access to the information through Internet, Facebook and social media and hence people want to look better and in this teeth have a major role to play. Also with the modernization we have been able to develop some good appliances including better braces. We have been able to develop some devices which are both aesthetic as well as comfortable for the patient. 1 cool example being ceramic braces they look good and are very less visible to others.

The Other form of braces are the lingual braces which are also called as The Invisible braces they are placed from the inside of the teeth duct. They also have some drawbacks like patients have discomfort while speaking and while eating food. These problems are dealt with the latest form of braces known as the customise lingual braces or customise invisible braces because the brackets are customised as per the person. They are CAD/CAM based and the wires are perfectly bent as per the person, hence the problem of speech and discomfort are taken care. These braces can be applied at any point of time even at 40 or 50 years so people who have problems in smiling in the social circle can be dealt with.

A lot of people when advised that they need to put on braces the first question is Dr how should I put braces at this age? The question that I ask is why do you think so?The answer given is that I look very awkward in the braces but with these lingual customise braces there is a solution to that.Hence what I said earlier that age is no bar for braces and with the aesthetic options coming up, people of any age at any point of time in their life can put on braces without compromising with their social life and social circle as customise lingual braces are so much invisible that you will actually have to tell people that you are wearing braces. Nobody would actually get to know that you are wearing braces or not.

So in short age is no not a bar for braces you can always contact me through lybrate

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