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I am Dr. Manish Paul. I am a Dermatologist, practicing in New Delhi, Dr. Paul's Skin Laser Centre. We are team of 2 dermatologist, 15 more people out here. Our centre equipped here with the latest skin technology including various lasers, machines, surgeries. We are seeing lot of patients with pigmentation. Pigmentation means skin darkening. And we also call it as hyperpigmentation or we can call it as tanning. What is tanning? Tanning is increased pigment in the skin. So, the pigment which is there in the skin can occur in the upper layer of the skin or it can occur in the 2nd layer of the skin. Depending on the skin, the treatment has to be decided. Every patient has to be customized. There is no one treatment which is full proof or which will address the problem of all over patient of pigmentation. So when we see the patient of pigmentation, the first thing is we need to diagnose it.

There might be somebody who has lot of sun exposure. You know who lives outside or his job required to be outside. People want that tan to be removed. So, there are various methods for removing tan. We start all our patients on medical treatments and lifestyle changes i.e. is the most important thing. So, the lifestyle changes, they have to avoid sun. Then to use sunscreen, use scarf, use an umbrella. If you can't avoid sun, we can't get rid of tan. 2nd, patient has to put some skin lightening agents. The skin lightening agents will continue with various creams. The medicines which are given, they are anti-oxidants, which protects us from sunlight and they will prevent sun damage and reduce the tanning.

This works fine when the patient's pigmentation is in the upper layer but it can hamper when the pigmentation is in the dipper layer. In such a situation, basic medicines will not work. But we have another treatment in which various medicines are used in sequence. This treatment comes from California. And Dr. Zein Obagi is the founder of the zein obagi treatment all over the world. So, these medicines are used sequentially. The produce our initial peel effect. Once the peel has occurred, the top skin will be peeled off or exfoliated and then it gives you the younger fresh looking skin. Obagi system can create a very good skin look, glow, it reduces the pore and improves the texture.

They also properly known as the laser tonic or the laser facial. Also, a patient will need 6 sessions which I give once in 3 weeks. It is imperative for all over patients to understand that lifestyle change, medical treatment, laser treatment can take away your tan, can make your skin more even, better, younger looking but it has to be maintained. You can't just do it once and forget it. 2nd thing in few people pigmentation is not just merely a tan, it can be an allergy, you will be surprised that sunscreen can cause it. So, in such patients, we conduct a test. And once you know that you are allergic, you can avoid that. So, the treatment has to be very comprehensive. We have to plan a medical treatment for you. Maybe a chemical peel for you, a laser treatment and the obagi. Putting all these treatments together, we can deliver very good results in all patients.

Thank you so much.

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