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Last Updated: May 22, 2024

Counselling - Why Is It Important In Case Of Vocational & Sexual Issues?

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Dr. Rahul ChandhokPsychiatrist • 26 Years Exp.M.D Psychiatry , MBBS
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When a person is not able to identify a solution to a problem (professional or personal), the often heard suggestion is to get the advice of a counselor. What the counselor does is to give an objective view of the problem and see how they can be addressed. When any of us go through a difficult phase, it is difficult to disentangle ourselves from the problem, and see what can be done differently to manage it.

Whether it is vocational or sexual, premarital or marital, it is a bit difficult as we are part of the problem. For a counselor, they can take an objective view as they are not as entangled in it. They can see clearly what the issue is and find a solution. Also, given their training and experience in handling different issues, they would have suggestions that will just do the trick.

Vocational counseling: Also called career counseling, this has gained significant importance recently. It helps identify if a person is good to be an entrepreneur or a marketing professional. With so much focus on people’s career and it involving such a large part of a person’s life, it is essential to understand how to approach a vocation and how to get the best out of it. This involves assessing the individual completely in terms of his skills, abilities, aptitude, interests and guiding on what could be a good career option for him. Detailed discussions along with questionnaires and tools will help identify the right career for a person, where he/she can shine.Supporting training and coaching are also provided.

Sexual counseling: People with complicated sexual issues are on the rise. Premarital counseling helps in aligning the couple as to what to expect from each other. Though it may sound a bit odd, it helps a lot of problems after marriage, and brings the couple together. Both know what to expect from each other and so the number of issues in post marriage are reduced. It also paves the way for a happier marriage, according to research.

For people who have sexual issues in post marriage, counseling again is a good solution. The couple is completely a part of the issue and often would not be able to find a solution, which could sometimes be to speak frank and open-mindedly . The counseling session provides this forum, and most issues like performance anxiety, sexual expectation mismatch, premature ejaculation and family planning that can be discussed here. While sex is often ignored as it is a discrete issue, discussing about it helps iron out a lot of issues and even improves the overall quality of the relationship, and makes way for a happy, married life.



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