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Counselling For Old Age Problems - Why Is It Required?

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Counselling For Old Age Problems - Why Is It Required?

Old age is the most fathomed stage of any human’s lifecycle. By the time all the hair are greyish white, teeth are weak, and falling off; there is almost nothing left to fuel the sparks of desire to live. It is scientifically proven that during old age an average human faces the maximum amount of problems.

When an individual is all old and wise, they often become victims of various psychological conditions, which include depression, loneliness, and anxiety. All these terms are overlooked as they are old people waiting for the death, but what their children and younger ones, fail to realize is that all they need is a little bit of guidance and counseling to feel better and stay happy and content till their last breath.

Why is counseling required in old age?

  • To get rid of the depressive lows: When a person turns old, he/she is compelled to let go of numerous things that he/she never wanted to live without. Some of these include—they are forced to retire from their job, they are distanced from their family, and they become entirely obsolete with no purpose for continuing their lives. All these situations often make the elderly feel that there is nothing left for them anymore. It makes them feel sad and depressed and at the same time might make them lonely. They know that they are not physically fit for the job, but they still have a feeling of uselessness deep down in their heart.
  • To rev up social interaction: By going to a counselor, the old people can speak their hearts out, feel connected to someone, and can seek help for the things that no one could understand. Counselors can suggest them activities that include social interaction and more, that could use up their free time and keep them occupied. They can recommend small yet efficient and meaningful exercises, which include reading books or watching movies to keep their mind diverted and distracted. A counselor can do wonders and provide excellent facilities, as well.
  • To get help in case of traumas: Counseling is also essential in case of individuals who have suffered a significant trauma in their old age. This includes losing a family member in some accident or being entirely neglected by one's own family. Even in India, many families consider their parents and grandparents to be a burden and send them to old age homes without thinking how they would feel. In such cases, counseling becomes essential to ensure that our elders have a stable mind and are satisfied with the life they have led.

Counseling at old age is not a shameful thing or activity in vain. It is very much essential to ensure that our elders are confident and happy during their last stage of life.

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