Compulsive Sexual Behaviour - How to Deal With It?

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Compulsive Sexual Behaviour - How to Deal With It?

Compulsive sexual behaviour is a condition which is also known as hypersexuality or hypersexual disorder, nymphomania or sexual addiction. It involves an obsession with sexual thoughts, sexual urges and behaviour, which may cause distress in life and also negatively affect health, personal relationships and other aspects of life. The disorder may also include self-stimulation by a patient. Compulsive sexual behaviour can cause you great distress, and your entire life may get ruined. The society may detest you, and you may end up being rejected from all places.

Here are some ways to deal with compulsive sexual behaviour:

  1. A treatment program for compulsive sexual behaviour should be started, and this should be treated very seriously. The treatment methods include attending therapy sessions with an experienced therapist and taking other programs based on recovery from sexual addiction. These are difficult, and you have to be very strict.
  2. Self education is very important for dealing with compulsive sexual behaviour. You should do research and know all about compulsive sexual behaviour. This will help you to relate to your symptoms, and you can start necessary treatment measures.
  3. You should observe and find out the triggers for your compulsive sexual behaviour. You should try to recognise scenarios, thoughts and judgement so that you can control yourself from being triggered.
  4. For coping with compulsive sexual behaviour you must keep away from any kind of risky behaviour. You should identify your risk conditions and try to keep away from facing them. You should abstain from visiting bars, pubs or strip clubs where you may be tempted to find a way to have sex. This will cause compulsive sexual behaviour. Keep away from pornographic videos or install a software which blocks such websites.
  5. You should take medication for substance abuse and mental health problems to deal with compulsive sexual behaviour. Your stress, anxiety, depression and other compulsions may give rise to compulsive sexual behaviour.
  6. You should start healthy practices and spend time at healthy locations. Instead of satisfying negative sentiments by having sex, try to take up other productive activities. Exercise should be done regularly.
  7. You have to practice stress management and try various relaxation techniques to deal with compulsive sexual behaviour. You can try stress relieving methods such as yoga, meditation or tai chi.
  8. You have to remain focused on your recovery program. The program may take a lot of time, and until you fully recover, you have to hold on tight and follow all the rules.

Compulsive sexual behaviour can cause great distress to a person. It lowers the position of a person in society, and he or she gets looked down upon as a sex addict. If you have compulsive sexual behaviour, you should start a treatment program immediately. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Psychologist.

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