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Common Breastfeeding Problems & Their Solutions!

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Common Breastfeeding Problems & Their Solutions!

Breastfeeding has shown to have an incredible impact on the growth and development of an infant on account of the nutrients which are provided to the baby. The mental development which occurs due to breastfeeding is said to show even years from the time that a person was an infant. When a person considers just how important breastfeeding truly is, she would not want to make a mistake, would she?

A lot of new mothers are concerned, if their babies seem to fall asleep while feeding a lot quicker than they should. As a matter of fact, they worry that the babies will not get enough breast milk and this can stunt the development of the young ones. While this is true, it can be said that a few steps taken can make sure of the fact that there would be nothing for the mothers to worry about.

  1. Inadequate consumption: It is natural for a baby to have a tendency to fall asleep, after all, that rapid rate of growth is likely to consume a lot of energy. In order to make sure the baby consumes enough milk prior to falling asleep, what should be done is that the mother should transfer the baby from one breast to the other one when she notices that the rate at which the baby is consuming is slowing down. The effect this has is to make sure that the rate of transfer is maximised; as the fastest rate, the milk transfers is when the baby begins suckling, for the first few minutes.
  2. Risk of Infection: Taking into due account what a sensitive and important process breastfeeding is, it can be said that an infection is something which can disrupt the process. One of the infections happens to be thrush. This is one which can spread from the mouth of the baby to the breasts of the mother. The effects of the infection include soreness and possibly even a rash. A doctor would probably provide the patient with some anti-fungal medication in order to fight the infection off.
  3. Latching problems: Another issue which is faced by new mothers is that there is a pain when the baby is to latch on to the nipple. In order to reduce this, what can be done is that the mother can try keeping the baby in a position to cover as much of the area under the nipple than over and adjust the baby to cover the nipple when he or she yawns.

These are just some of the common issues faced by new mothers. However, following a few simple measures can ensure that the experience of breastfeeding is most satisfying for both mother and child. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Gynaecologist.

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