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Can The Quality Of Sleep Affect Your Sex Life? - The 5 Facts You Must Know!

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Can The Quality Of Sleep Affect Your Sex Life? - The 5 Facts You Must Know!

People often underestimate the need for sleep. Sleep is as important as any other activity. Without proper sleep, your performance level can go way down the line. It can even hamper your performance in the bed.
Most people do not know it, but there is a deep relation between sex and sleep. People always tend to cut their bedtime just to get done with a few more things. But, doing this can have adverse effects on your sex life.
Here are some reasons that are tempting enough to make you go to your bed at the proper time and for a proper amount of time:

1. Lack of sleep has a direct impact on libido
Less sleep means that your body does not get the chance to completely revive itself from the earlier day of work. This, in turn, can mean fatigue and crankiness. These feelings can decrease your interest in sex overall. A condition called ‘tense tiredness’, which is caused by the combination of increased tension and decreased energy, can also at times lead to sexual dysfunction.

2. Less sleep can hamper your hormone levels
Even after getting six to seven hours of sleep each night, one can suffer from a chronic sleep condition. A condition like this can affect the testosterone levels in both men and women. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for sex drive. Any disturbance in the hormone level can lead to both bad performance in bed and less of interest in any sexual activity.

3. A sleepless night is equal to a foul mood
It is no breaking news to anyone that a sleepless night results in a foul mood the next day. If you feel sleepy and fatigued all day, there is hardly any way that you would think about having sex in such a situation. For people with a chronic sleep disorder, this can become a regular phenomenon.

4. Sleep deprivation can lead to a weaker immunity system
Studies suggest that people with chronic sleep disorder often are diagnosed with a weak immune system. This makes the person susceptible to diseases. A sick person would have very less or no interest in engaging in sexual activities. Neither would anyone like to be with a person who has the cold most of the time.

5. Lack of sleep can contribute to depression
It is very important to have sound mental health in order to have a happening sexual life. Researchers have revealed that chronic sleep deprivation can lead to depression. In such a case, not only the person loses interest in sex, but also when they engage in sex, they tend to have less pleasure from the act.

People underestimate the need for sleep, and they think it is okay to skip a few hours of sleep. But, if you want to have a good sex life, you just cannot cut down on these hours.

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