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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Burnt Out Syndrome - What Should You Know?

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Dr. Akshata BhatPsychiatrist • 12 Years Exp.MBBS, MD - Psychiatry
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In burnt out syndrome, a person deals with a high amount of stress due to work. It can lead to exhaustion, both physical and emotional. It can make a person feel detached from work and also, inefficient.

Burnout is not just a stress of bad day at work, but it is a state of chronic stress.

What Causes Burnt Out Syndrome?

Things like these might lead someone towards burnt out syndrome.

  1. A lifestyle in which a person deals with stress and extreme pressure every day at work.
  2. Sometimes it drags to a point where one feels exhausted and unmotivated every day.
  3. Work stress can also lead to physical and emotional harm to the body.
  4. People who are extremely committed to their work and prioritize work over their own peace on mind.

Signs and Symptoms of Burnt Out Syndrome:

According to the definition of burnt out syndrome, there are three main regions which are considered to be symptoms of a burnt out:

Exhaustion: An emotional drain is commonly seen in people who suffer from a burnt out. Apart from this, low energy, fatigue and unable to cope up with work are few other symptoms under exhaustion. In physical attribute of it, people have trouble in bowel movements and suffer from pain in stomach.

Detachment from Work: When a person feels detached from his job, work seems highly stressful and frustrating. They find their co-workers selfish and unhelpful. A person starts to feel deprived from any sort of feeling towards their job.

Underperformance: Due to the stress and the negative feeling about the work, under performance is certain. Lack of interest in work affects the performance a lot.

Recovering from a Burnt Out:

There is no instant cure to treat burnt out. It can take a couple of weeks or months to start feeling efficient and interested towards the job again. These are the few steps which can be followed:

  1. Tell Someone: It is very important to tell someone about it. It can be a friend or family. Talking openly about the feelings makes it easier to cope up.
  2. Ask for Help: Taking therapy and proper medication for it can help in curing. Therapy is one of the most effective methods to recover.
  3. Take Rest: A proper sleep for about 8 hours and giving sufficient time to the body and mind to heal. A long break by having a relaxing vacation can bring peace to the mind.
  4. Find a Hobby: Do something, which sparks interest, like reading, writing, painting, etc. Try to learn anything which takes the attention away from the pain and suffering. Detox the mind and body.
  5. Looking for Warning Signs: Burnt Out can walk in again in the process of recovering. Always watch for those signs, learn to deal with them and conquer them.    


A stressful routine and lifestyle can put people under pressure and anxiety. This pressure often builds up to a point that people feel exhausted to an extreme level and burn out. It is important to understand the symptoms in early stage and have proper diagnosis. Consult a psychologist or counselor to deal with it. It is always advisable to have good diet and follow proper instruction to deal with this situation and control it to stop it from becoming worse.

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