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Last Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Breast Cancer Is Curable In Early Stages!

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Dr. Pavan Kumar JonnadaGeneral Surgeon • 15 Years Exp.MBBS , MS (Gen. Surgery), FMAS.Laparoscopy

Though breast cancer is a deadly disease, breast cancer detected at an early stage is often curable. In our country, one of eight women is suffering from this breast cancer.

Breast cancer note often presents as a small lump in the breast which can be detected by various methods by increasing the awareness of methods of detection.

The most easiest and most important way of detection is self breast examination. Self breast examination is a simple and easy exam that one can do themselves. To make it simple, it's just looking for any changes in nipple or architecture of breast and axilla. If any lump or nipple discharge is present, then consulting an oncologist and get a mammography done to identify the lesion is one of the easiest and practical things in detecting breast cancer.

The detection of early breast cancer can provide an opportunity to improve the breast conservation rate and cure the disease.

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