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Last Updated: Oct 26, 2019

Breast Cancer - Homeopathy And Cupping Therapy

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Dr. Siraj SiddiquiAlternative Medicine Specialist • 22 Years Exp.DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Sciences ), M.D. ( Alternative Medicine) , Diploma in hijamah cupping therapy, Certificate in experimental psychology, Certificate in basic psychology, Certificate in homeopathy rheumatology
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Breasts are glandular secreting organs with 15 -20 lobes with ducts opening in the nipple to secret milk. Breast tumours usually arise from the cells of milk sacs. There are certain signs which shouldn't be ignored to prevent and cure cases of breast cancer namely, pain, lump, hardness in lump, bleeding, red spots, boils, puckering and skin lesions. The swelling on axillary lymph nodes should also be considered as a factor. If uncontrolled, it spreads to bones too.

Long term usage of estrogen hormone has got some footing in being a cause of breast cancer but the exact cause is unknown. Allopathy offers the trinity of RCS (radiation, chemotherapy and surgery) as an option that has got it's own pros and cons.

Homeopathy if combined with cupping therapy can work wonders in curing breast cancers if detected early.

Homeopathy offers around 30 core and 50 supportive medicines for the malady. The homeopathic medicines sought to work as constitutional, general or localized, drainage or detox, an antidote to chemotherapy side effects and immuno-booster.

Some of the medicines that are very effective are apis mellifica, arsenic iod, asteris rubens, baryta iod, belladonna, bellis p, bromium, bryonia, bufo r, calcarea flourica, carbo animalis, carbolicum acidicum, carsinosin, chimaphila u, condurango, conium m, heckla lava, hoang man, hydrastis c, kalium muraticum, calcarea phosphorica, lachesis, phytolacca d, scorphularia n, silicea, tarentula c, thyroidinum, tuberculinum, curcuma longa and hydrastis.

This, when combined with cupping therapy or wet hijamah therapy, has proven to be better than anything else.

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