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Breast Augmentation

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Dr.Ashutosh Misra 85% (31ratings)
Fellowship In Cosmetic Surgery, M. Ch. (Plastic Surgery), MS - General Surgery, MBBS
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Delhi  •  23years experience
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Hi! I am Dr. Ashutosh Misra from Enhance Clinic.

Today I will be talking about breast augmentation. Breast aug is commonly known as a boob job or augmentation mammoplasty. Most common ways of doing breast augmentation are either by silicone gel implants or with the help of fat grafting.

So, let's first talk about silicone gel implants. Now with silicone gel implants, implants are made up of silicone and most commonly filled with a memory gel. Most of the time patients who require breast augmentation are those who have lost their breast volume after pregnancy or lactation , and who have less projection and they want more projected breast. The patient should be otherwise healthy and willing for knowing the pros and cons of procedures. Now coming on to silicone gel implants, this is a very safe method for augmentation. Nowadays there are 5th generation implants. Normally, what we say is the life of an implant is around 10-12 years, though you can continue till lifelong.

The risk of rupture of the implant is less than 3%. And it is very well adapted. A treating surgeon discusses with the patient about the variety of implant which is available, types of implants which are available. He takes the marking and the measurements than discuss with the patient, the pocket in which the implant has to be placed. Either it has to be placed below the breast or below the muscle depending upon the breast tissue from where to put an implant, the most common is either from below the breast or from the nipple area. It depends upon person to person and the type of breast and the type of implant. So, the best is to discuss with your surgeon about everything, the size of implants, the most natural look of implants.

The surgery is day care surgery. The surgery itself takes around 2 hours. And the patient can be discharged on the same evening or can stay overnight in the hospital and can go early in the morning. Post surgery there are certain breast exercises which have to be done to make an implant breast sink and more supple. Best results come in one and a half and two months. Now coming on to the breast augmentation with the help of fat grafting. This means we take fat from the same person but from another part of the body, say abdomen or thigh and we put it into the breast. This is a very natural way of giving best augmentation but it may need multiple sittings because the limited amount of fat can be transferred.

So, if we require a small augmentation, this is a good technique but if we require large augmentation then implants are better. If we require augmentation which also needs certain amount of lift than breast augmentation with the help of silicone gel implants is better. Sometimes, we might have to combine the procedure, breast augmentation and breast lift together to give you the best results. The advantages of breast augmentation is that the excess fat can be trimmed and imported to the breast. Results are longer lasting and very natural. And patients are happy about it. Finally, choose your surgeon wisely, discuss everything about breast augmentation, which method suits you best, either implant of fat grafting which is best for you. Talk to him about the risks involved. And any myth which goes on with breast augmentation, that should be discussed with the surgeon prior to going for breast augmentation surgery. Everyone should have very realistic expectation about the results of breast augmentation.

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