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Brazilian Buttock Lift Surgery

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Dr. Ajaya Kashyap 91% (662 ratings)
American Board of Plastic Surgery, , American Board Of General Surgery, MS - Dermatology, M.B.B.S
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Vasant Vihar  •  38 years experience
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I am doctor Ajay kashayp medical director of the casmedical centre and American board certified in plastic surgery today we’ll be talking about a somewhat newer procedure, it's called a Brazilian buttock lift this procedure involves augmentation of the buttock lift. This procedure involves augmentation of the buttocks not with the implants but with the person’s own fat or autologous fat. The fat is taken from the abdomen the sides and pretty much anywhere we can find it on the body and this fat is purified and used for augmenting the buttocks. Now this concepts started once autologous fat was something that was the technique of putting autologous fat was perfected to a point where large amounts could be put into a person's body and they would survive the augmentation of the buttocks was earlier done through implants which were found to be not as desirable both in terms of comfort as well as having significant amount of complications the word brazillian came because brazil is probably the most cosmetically conscious country and the curve in the back where you had a narrow think waist and big buttocks was became very much in fashion there. It spread all over the U.S to all over now to India where people want that nice small waistline and large buttocks some people have taken it to a ridiculous extent like Nicki Minaj where the waistline is very small and buttocks are enormous. Most people, however, want aesthetically pleasing figures and not ridiculously big buttocks or extremely narrow waist that certain ratio is required and when we do the procedure we kind of take into consideration the patients bone structure and height and the weight and where the fat can be harvested from.

The main technique is to remove the fat from areas where it is an excess and where removal of the fat would accentuate in the improvement of the buttocks. Those areas are the abdomen the sides and just above where the buttocks start the hollow of the back the technique of how you take out the fat is quite important the way you do it is you take you do a marking of the buttocks where you want to take the fat from and where you want to insert it. The fat is removed either through laser liposuctions through micro canalicular liposuction or probably the best technique today is water jet or body jet liposuction. The intent is to get the purest fat available and once this fat has been removed slowly without damaging the fat it is purified. The purification of the fat is done either through sedimentation which is just letting it settle down with gravity the second would be through straining it taking a sip like a strainer and pouring it the fat through it then the third would be purifying it through centrifugation. By centrifugation, you get probably the most purified fat all that is takes a little longer than other techniques. Now once the fat has been purified it is injected through a very small cannula which is blunt needles through tiny needle holes into the buttocks and reshape it the buttocks is done. Now reshaping of the buttocks is done from so-called Brazillian buttock lift mostly in the back but there are some people mostly come from the African continent who want more bulk on the sides and I like to call it an Australian or African butt lift where people from largely from African continent want to increase on the size of buttocks and have a curve in that direction. So we have to S’s one is the back S and the side S which is African buttock lift and this is the back lift which is the S which is the Brazilian buttock lift. You can see how nicely the buttocks can be shaped and the advantage of today's techniques is that this improvement lasts as long as the diet and exercise adhere to within normal limits nothing excessively needs to be done. If you want to know more about these procedures particular procedure you can contact me through my website which is or through Lybrate


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