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Bleeding Piles - How Agni Karma Therapy Can Help With It?

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Bleeding Piles - How Agni Karma Therapy Can Help With It?

Piles are Haemorrhoids which become inflamed and are accompanied with bleeding. Haemorrhoids can be defined as masses or clumps of tissues developing in the anal canal. Haemorrhoids comprise of blood vessels, support tissues, muscles and elastic fibers.

Bleeding piles can be treated using several methods or forms of surgery. The ayurvedic form of treatment called agni karma is an effective, natural cure for bleeding piles. On the other hand, a medical procedure known as infrared coagulation therapy can also be executed for the efficient treatment of bleeding piles or haemorrhoids.

Agni karma- an Ayurvedic Remedy for Treating Piles
In Sanskrit, the word 'Agni' refers to 'Fire'. Agni karma is an ayurvedic therapy, which involves the use of agni or fire. It is also called cauterization. Agni karma is popularly called Dahan Karma. Agni karma is used in the treatment of many diseases of different type. It is a good method for the treatment of bleeding piles.

In this process, any ailing surface of the body or a tissue, such as haemorrhoids, is destroyed and burnt by using a heated instrument using electric current and by freezing. An acidic agent for cutting like kshar karma is also used in the process of agni karma for the treatment of bleeding piles.

The different types of agni karma include:

  1. uchchh dagdha /scarce agni karma
  2. Durdaghda/ inappropriate burning surgery
  3. Aati dagdha /powerful or excess cauterization
  4. Samyak dagdha / appropriate agni karma

Infrared Coagulation Therapy-

Infrared coagulation therapy or infrared photocoagulation is a medical process which is used to treat bleeding piles or haemorrhoids, and can only cure internal haemorrhoids.

During the process, a device is utilized, which produces a beam of intense, powerful infrared light. The heat released by the infrared light causes scar tissue and blood supply to the haemorrhoids to be cut off. This results in the death of haemorrhoid or piles, and a scar forms on the anal canal wall. The surrounding veins are held together by the scar tissue which avoids them bulging into the anal canal.

Agni karma, the ayurvedic treatment, is considered to an effective medical treatment procedure of infrared coagulation therapy. This is because:

  • Agni karma is a much more natural method of treatment for bleeding piles, and no unnatural substance like infrared light beam is used.
  • Agni karma provides treatment without failure, and success is guaranteed. 

Besides, guggulu kshar sutra therapy is also one of the best therapies - No side effects & no chances of recurrence, no hospital stay, no pain, join duty immediately.  In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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