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Beautiful Sparkling Smile

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Dr. Premendra Goyal 91% (957 ratings)
Dentist, Mumbai  •  29 years experience
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Hi friends!

This is Dr. Premendra Goyal. I’m a dentist from Mumbai.

We Look forward to beautiful smiles and any difference in color or any darkness in color of your teeth, they bother you. We all look forward to have a white sparkling smile. Now today, to have this smile is pretty easy. We are worried about yellow teeth. Why do our teeth turn yellow? That is the biggest thing to understand first. The color of your teeth may change because of staining of your teeth, which may happen because of sudden food habits, tobacco use, excess of tea, coffees, colas. These stains can be easily removed by a simple cleaning up procedure of your teeth, wherein your dentist clean up the surface of your teeth and polish them giving you a sparkling smile. Many at times, you have situation wherein your teeth are yellow from inside. Now today, they’re not difficult to clean, you’ve whitening procedures. You can just get your teeth bleached professionally, which is a combination of a office bleach, wherein your dentist bleaches in the chair and maybe follow it up with some home bleaching program. Properly done, these treatments can give you good lasting results for years together. You may end up having good white teeth for five to six years at a stretch. In some cases you may have difficult stains which happen because of fluoride. These are termed as fluorosis. In very rare cases, you may need to hide those stains, which again is very simple using dental veneers or some bonding procedures, wherein some tooth colored material is placed on top of your tooth to hide those stains. So, please don’t get depressed having dark teeth, you still can have a white sparkling smile anytime you want.

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