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Back Pain - 6 Exercises That Can Help!

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Back Pain - 6 Exercises That Can Help!

Pain is something that you cannot avoid in your life and when it comes to back pain, you will experience it at least once in your lifetime. In most cases, the back pain is temporary and can be relieved with little care. But in some cases, the pain is very severe and chronic. It keeps recurring and can cause a lot of inconvenience in doing even daily work. The basic reason for back pain is weak back muscles and weak core muscles.
Stretching and strengthening the lower back will help in reducing the pain.

Here are 6 exercises that can help reduce back pain.

  1. Child Pose: For this exercise, you should initially kneel down on the mat. You should now lean forward and stretch your hands forwards. Try to rest your head on the floor and hold the position for 30 seconds to one minute.
  2. Cat Pose: This is one of the best exercises for both spine and back. You should begin on all fours. Make sure that your hands are under the shoulders and your knees are under the hips. Your spine and head should be on the same line. Now exhale slowly and push your spine towards the ceiling, while your head should be lowered towards the floor. Hold for a few seconds and then reverse the position.
  3. Hip Raise: You should lie down straight on the floor. Keep your knees close and bent, and flat on the ground. Now, you should raise your hips until you form a straight line. You should hold the position for at least 5 seconds or as long as you can. You should get back to a normal position and then repeat the same.
  4. Cobra Pose: You should lie down on the floor with your face down and legs straight. Keep your hands on the side and your palms down. You should now raise your head, chest, shoulder and legs at the same time, off the ground. You can hold this position for as long as possible and then relax. You should repeat the same 10 to 15 times.
  5. Bird Dog Pose: You should begin on all fours. Make sure that your hands are under the shoulders and your knees are under the hips. Now you should extend the right leg towards the back very slowly. It should be like you are kicking something at the back. At the same time, you should stretch your left hand. Hold the position for a few seconds and then get back to normal. Now, repeat the same with the other side.
  6. Front Fold Pose: Stand straight with feet apart and raise your hands up in the air. Now, lean forwards keeping your back straight. You should cross the hands in front of you and hold that forward position for 20 seconds. Repeat the same.
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