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Azoospermia Or No Sperm Count - Causes & Symptoms Of It!

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Azoospermia Or No Sperm Count - Causes & Symptoms Of It!

Azoospermia refers to the medical condition of a man whose semen does not contain any sperm. It is linked with infertility but its other forms are responsive to treatment. In human beings, the problem of azoospermia affects around 1% of the total male population. This condition can be seen in up to 20% of infertility situations among males. The male partner requires to have a certain minimum sperm count which deems him fertile. Without having the required sperm count present in the semen, a man is unable to impregnate his female partner in a natural manner.

Now, before we go ahead to look at the tips which men should follow so that they can avoid the emergence of this situation, let us briefly discuss the symptoms and causes behind this condition:

Symptoms of Azoospermia

Azoospermia is not really a sickness or any disease. This is basically a condition that does not let an organ in the body to function properly. It can happen as a result of the malfunction of an organ or could also be the result of the ducts getting blocked.

Under this situation, the production of healthy sperm gets impaired. There are no specific external symptoms to characterize this problem of Azoospermia. So, males will not come across any external or noticeable symptoms with this condition but rather, they will appear to be healthy.


Let us look into the causes, which lead to the problem of Azoospermia. They include:

  • Primary testicular failure is known as Klinefelter syndrome
  • Genetic infertility because of abnormal chromosomes.
  • Kallman syndrome, which refers to the secondary testicular failure
  • Tumour in the pituitary gland.
  • Chemotherapy or Radiation therapies for cancer treatment.

Tips to Follow

Now, we take a look at the tips both related to how the condition can be prevented and also on the ways through which it can be treated. The tips include:

  • Men should look to avoid indulging in all those activities that can lead to injury of the reproductive organs.
  • They must avoid getting exposed to radiation.
  • They should be aware of the risks and benefits of certain medications, as those could come in the way of sperm production.
  • Lengthy exposure of the testes to hot temperatures must be avoided.
  • Curing this problem will require proper determination of cause that led to Azoospermia. Males can determine the cause clearly by undergoing blood tests.
  • If the condition is because of a blockage in the reproductive tract, it can get treated through surgery. They can also opt for IVF.
  • Sperm retrieval can also help all those who suffer from non-obstructive azoospermia or those who suffer from any blockage but do not want to undergo surgery. They can retrieve sperm from a testicle by making use
  • of a small needle.
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